Saturday, April 19, 2008


Yesterday I donned my yellow dress (that I mentioned while lusting over other dresses in this post) and went to the AUC (Atlanta University Center) to print out a letter to send. Along the way I bumped into a few people I used to know when I went to school there last year. It was. . .interesting. While there was one person I was glad to see, for the most part I saw people who'd done me wrong or were just plain weird to me. I wasn't very affectionate towards them at all, which is pretty bitchy for me.

This is me before I went. See how relaxed I seem?

Fortunately there's no after. Walking back from campus I realized a couple of things. 1) The Tea Party is my favorite band and 2) I'm still alittle bit bitter over the way I was treated in the past. But I can't say I'd trade my experiences for more rosy ones. There's something about hardship that turns coal into diamonds and I am a better person for all of this, for sure. I've learned a lot these past months, including who to trust and who not to. It's something very important that we should all know.

So here are more pictures of the dress. It's kind of a flouro yellow. I was hoping it was gonna be more butterscotch but I actually like it a lot. I got stopped a lot and stared at alot while I was walking through campus. I definitely stood out in this flowing thing. Everyone else was wearing tight/baggy jeans and tight/baggy shirts. It was too hot out for that.

Vtg 70s dress from eBay
Jean jacket I was gonna get rid of but realized was awesome from Dadeland Mall
Shoes from Converse
Laces from Hot Topic (there's nothing wrong with a little Hot Topic in your wardrobe)
Bangles are thrift

I also switched clothes to go to dinner last night. The pictures of me are on another camera though. If I can find them online I'll post them later.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good day!


  1. this looks so relaxed but classy! that color looks great on you, and with the denim jacket, it's ace.

  2. great ebay obsessed with all things yellow.

  3. I'm trying to get more yellow into my wardrobe because it looks great with plums and navies and black. (Which is what I'm trying to convert my wardrobe to)


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