Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lush work clothes

threadless tee
UO skinnies
steve madden flats
vtg Coach
thrifted bangles, pocketwatch, scarf
gifted earrings

I wore this on Thursday to work my second day at Lush. It was very laid back, I learned lots of product information, etc. The people I work with are pretty much the business. So I'm pleased about that. I'm thinking about hennaing my hair. The boif says he sees purple in my hair but I don't. I'm thinking about making my hair jet black. I don't know. I think I'm just going hair crazy. My hair is already a really pretty rich color. Now I just need it to grow. I'm about 2 and a half inches away from my first goal which I'll reach no later than October. Patience is key.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Things I Love Thursday

I'm sorry, this one's gonna be really quick cause I hafta run to work!

*Lush! I'm loving my new job there. Everyone there is so cool and so laid back (which is very different from the other job.) I can wear what I want (as long as it's black and white.) I'll show you guys what I'm wearing today as an example. And you can't beat my discount (I get half off everything.)
*Fireflies- Now that it's actually summer in Georgia there've been lots of fireflies running around. The last time I saw any was when I was really young, so I'm very excited.
*My recent purchases- My sandals and black lame skirt which, as you all know, I've been lusting over for aaaaages. Pictures soon, I promise!
*The boif- He read my blog and he dutifully took me out. Not once but twice. Curry and shisha, yum.
*Make Fetch Happen- I love her take on fashion in all it's glory and horror. This article is extremely interesting to me. It's about race in fashion, about the decline of supermodels, and how clothes are portrayed on the runway. It's a great read!
*Carmen Solomon- Beautiful beautiful girl. She has the same sort of alienish beauty that a lot of top models have today. It's the kind of thing where you love her or you hate her, and I adore her!

What things do you love?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Hey, I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I'm seriously in need of a lbd considering that my only one recently went kaput on me. I've been looking online but nothing has really jumped out at me yet and the same for clothing stores. Pretty much anything goes. I want a dress that's pretty versatile but if it's not, I can live with that too. So if in your wanderings you see a black dress that you like or think I might like, please link me. I know you can come up with wonderful things!

And so this isn't all text, here's a picture of me about a year ago, wearing the lbd mentioned. I liked the dress quite a bit. I could wear it to work, I could wear it out with friends. It was pretty versatile. (please ignore the mess, I was packing for college)

Monday, June 23, 2008




UO white top + skinnies
Target tank
eBay locket
Coconut Grove Art Festival green earrings
Claire's dangly heart earrings
Joe jeans

So I did try out the hair products and all that. After washing my hair I pincurled it and when I took these pictures it was still wet.

I had decided to wear my hat (to cover the pincurls) and my blue jeans with the tank under the white shirt but at the last minute decided to scrap everything and wear skinnies and comb out the curls. I did the curls wrong so they didn't turn out right. Hence the pony tail. I try again next time I have a hairpoo.

I went out to grab the sandals that I'd been hankering over. The fringed ones. I like them a lot and they are the perfect summer sandal (for me.)

More proper "clothes I wear" posts coming soon.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Things I Love Thursday, 1st Edition

The Long Hair Care Forums: It's a site that I think all people with curly, kinky, and relaxed hair should check out. Just great advice on things to keep your hair healthy. I'm sure some of the stuff there would be good for naturally straight haired people, but most of it is catered to people who's hair is naturally dry (like people with curly hair.) And it's great for black women cause it removes the notion of "good hair." We all have good hair, we just don't know how to take care of it right!

The boif: He's cute, he's smart, he's funny. He takes pictures of me and puts up with my antic. And he's taking me out this weekend (yes, yes you are; hey, I just thought I'd let you know)

Mint chocolate chip ice cream: Yummy! Enough said.

The fashion blogging community: No, seriously. I was about to tear my hair out over the lack of understanding. Where I live, short shorts and matching your heels to your bag, to your shirt is the height of fashion. I know people have been all over boots and back but I still get looks when I wander out in my boots.

My new job at Lush! Ahh! So excited! I start next week! I'm definitely looking forward to meeting new people and buying my favorite soaps at lower prices.


UO skinnies
Express tops

Today I went to Target to get some hair stuff. Nexxus Therappe(moisturizing shampoo), KerapHix and Humectress (protein and moisturizing conditioners respectively). My hair has been breaking off in the past couple of days so I'm doing some emergency work on it. Normally my hair doesn't behave like this so I'm a bit worried. I think the guy overprocessed my hair. It's the kinda thing that makes me want to buy a $7 dollar kit and do it myself.

These are the BDG skinnies that are new at UO. I like them. They're well fitting and very comfy. I rolled up the bottoms for extra chicness. This really wasn't a very thought out outfit. I just sorta grabbed what was lightest and closest. The boif approves though.
In this picture I'm standing on one of those vents where all the cool air blows up. It cooled me off immediately, despite giving me some ridiculous hair styles (I won't post those pictures (laughs).)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Past Few Days

I've been out and about lately but I keep forgetting to post my outfit pictures. I keep even forgetting to take them before it's nightfall (hence the quality)

The first outfit got a lot of male attention. I don't know why. The dress (Free People) is definitely long enough and the boots (Justin Roper) are not high heels. I wore this to B&N to look through magazines (and take pictures of things.)

The second is what I wore to work. The pants are from Rave (does anyone remember that store? I remember it was the height of fashion for 11 year olds) and the top is Wet Seal. I can't remember where the belt is from.

The other day I went to my interview with Lush and after that, picked up a few basics from UO. A super sheer, super soft, knit tee, and two oversized tank tops made of the same fabric. I got two of the tank tops because they're pretty much perfect. I'm now wondering if I should've gotten another one of the tees. I also got a tank for work and a pair of black skinnies. All of it was on sale. I'm thinking about waiting till the black scarf with fringe is on sale? See, I took it into the dressing room and realized that it was pretty much perfect. You can wear it as a scarf a billion ways but I've also figured out how to make it into a dress and a skirt. But I'm gonna wait it out until it stops being 80 degrees everyday. Once it hits 75 I'll probably pick it up.

Also tomorrow will be the first day of me doing Things I Love Thursday (inspired by Gala, of course,) simply because so much stuff gets written at the bottom of outfit posts. I want to clean it up and make everything neater. So we'll see how well this works!

Friday, June 13, 2008


James Reese shirt
Steve Madden Flats
Mother's jewelry
Citizens of Humanity jeans

Today after going to my interview at Lush (which was rescheduled for Monday) I dropped by the H&M that opened up in Atlantic Station. I wish I'd brought my camera. I've read a lot about what H&Ms are like in other countries, usually very messy and disorganized. With all the people running in and out, it was pretty messy. I dropped by at like 4 and there was line winding around. I decided to stand in it considering I wanted to finish listening to a podcast (Variant Frequencies). The line went by fast, I was only standing in it for a minute at most.

When I went inside, I noticed lots of yellow and florals. Somehow I was hoping that the floorset for Fall would already be there. I saw a lot of things I liked and a lot of things I didn't particularly care for. I was really surprised at how big it was. It was two floors and had sections for underwear, men, teens, and small children. Somehow I thought it would've been more like F21 and Topshop.

At any rate, overall I was pleased. I plan to go back and get some cheap wifebeaters, maybe that bright pink highwaist skirt, a lovely ruffle top that comes in a solid and in a dark floral (the one Karla has) and maybe that long black jumper dress. Oh and lots of scarves. They were all very soft and with fringe.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Louise's Blog

So Louise, a Sart favorite, has decided to start a blog. I'm very excited to see what she wears on the daily. She's always impeccably dressed.

Errands and Why Skinnies May Be a No No


In The Bag

Oy, so tired. Ran to the post office today to ship stuff overseas. It was hot, which is okay I guess except that I wore my diy skinnies. Interestingly enough my jeans were hotter than my boots. My boots treated me just fine, so I was pleased.

Today was a bit eventful in that the puppy managed to escape from the yard. We had a sort of ministorm the other day so part of the fence got knocked down. But how she managed to wedge herself in between our fence and the neighbor's I'll never know. She looked like a fugitive looking through prison bars. The photographer (who'll be known as the boyf or boif (the latter looks like it might be a word) for convenience) had to go through an obstacle course to get to her and carried her back home. It was very cute: her tail a-wag and him all battlescarred.

Also, I've been bad about my links list. As some of you may see, I updated it so it looks all swanky and says when you've updated your blog. As in, the more recently you've updated it, the higher it is on the list and it says days, hours, weeks, or months. If you want to trade links let me know.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


My lovely boots arrived on my doorstep today. I'm so pleased with them. Expect lots of outfit posts with boots soon. Also, I just curled my hair because my hair looked way too tame for me.

Tomorrow I'm running to the post office and (because I must plan these things in advance) I think I'll be wearing my boots and black slip. Or maybe my boots and my diy skinnies. Or maybe my shorts and boots. Or maybe. . .

Friday, June 6, 2008

Hair Post

Nice Hair
So I got my hair done yesterday. After it'd gotten permed and stuff it was pretty long but then I needed to get it cut cause there was no definition to it. It made me a bit sad but I'd rather have shiny happy hair than long unhappy hair. Apparently it looks a bit purple in the light. I'm not sure if this is the result of me dying it or because my hair naturally has a tendency to look purplish. As far as dying my hair goes, I might just have really noticeably purple ends and a purplish tint to the rest of my hair. Or I might just change my mind again. And I'm probably gonna curl my hair later. While slinky is good, I'm used to my hair looking less tame.

Hair Done

Same Steve Madden flats that I always wear (I'm so sick of flats. I've decided to get the UO sandals,) Target super thin night shirt, Seven for Mankind capris that were too long, so I cut them up, thrifted granny cardigan.

Forgive the shoddy quality. My photographer was at work and now that I'm uploading these he's like, "You took pictures without me? You never do them right!" Too true. I put the camera on the window sill for these so it was bound to come out wrong. Yeah, I know, tripod.

Oh, before I forget. So far the vote about the socks seems to favor the black cutout socks by Betsey and black slouchy ones with lace, the black fishnets with the ribbons, and all the over the knee socks. So chances are I'll be buying those. If you haven't already told me what you thought, please comment.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Socks Galore!

So I'm over on Sock Dreams trying to find some lovely socks. I love pairing white socks with black flats. There's something really elegant about that. Annnnyway, more for my sanity than yours, I'm compiling a list of socks that I'm considering. As you may notice, I'm shying away from tights. Not because I don't like tights but because sometimes halfway through the day I feel like taking off my tights and stashing them away but I can't remove tights in public.


Betsy Peekabo Shorties($12) / Cotton Tabis ($7) / Crochet Anklets ($5)

Cotton Lace anklets ($10) / Slouch Lace Anklets ($10) / Fishnets with Lace ruffle($5)


Industrial Net Stockings with Ruffle Top ($10) / Stay up Fishnet with Woven Satin ribbons ($9) / Lycra Thigh High ($18)


Betsey's Ballerina Girl ($12)

knee highs

Diamond Jester Trouser socks ($8) / Florence Trouser Socks ($8) / Bones Tube Socks ($14)

loose socks

Super Ms ($12) / Pippy's Extra Long ($18) / Super Longs ($40)

over the knee

Harajuku Toeless OTK ($16) / Harajuku Lace Ribbon ($18)

O pastels ($6) / Long Cuffable ($12) / O Chevrons ($10)

Whoo. That was a doozy. So what do you think? Which are your favorites and which can you live without? This is a severely simplified list from what I had before but it needs to be simplified more and set into Spring and Fall categories. Hmm. I wonder if I could get some of my friends to make these. Hintyhint. Do I hear a birthday gift?

Also I just realized that I really love sky blue and lilac. The last three socks came in both colors so it was hard to choose! Oh and as for the $40 socks. No, I'd never spend that much on them but they're really nice to look at.

So please tell me what you think.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Stefano Pilati on black models:

"Pilati reflected the spirit of the house in his choice of models for the fall show. Saint Laurent was known for celebrating black models and in a season when they were especially absent on the runways, Pilati, at least, had one.

"In the '70s, to have black models in Paris and Europe was sort of a message of having an open mind," Pilati says. "We were definitely less used to races crossing lines. It was definitely something coming from America."

Saint Laurent "was very sensitive to that. It was helping to add exoticism to the collection and to embrace the multicultural aspect of the work."

Why aren't there more black models working today? "To me, it is a matter of proportions and the bodies I choose. My fit model was a black model," he says. "When I wanted to translate what I put on her, it was a disaster. It would need 13 times more work in the atelier to modify it to put on a more Caucasian anatomy.

"Sometimes, it's not your choice. You can't find [black models] that are beautiful and with the right proportions. I prefer them with lean proportions with no big hips."

Big hips? A dearth of beautiful black models? This from the designer who characterizes himself as the best salesman for his clothes." -- Washington Post

Wow. That's like saying it's hard to find curvaceous white models. It's only hard if you don't care enough to look. Obviously Mister is none too bright. And wait, aren't women supposed to have a few curves? Don't get me wrong, I think women who are built like girls are charming or sexy in a very androgynous way but there is something to be said for coke bottle shapes. There is a reason why men drool over Beyonce and women idolize Marilyn Monroe. It is sexy and glamorous and gorgeous and embodies womanhood.

To be honest I think women are beautiful in whatever shapes they come in. There is something to be said for diversity. I think it's good; it keeps things interesting and helps people be unique and after all, isn't that what fashion is about?

Quick Post

I got home from work and took these pictures. As you can see it's fairly boring and I look pretty tired. The cardi I got from a little shop next to the Flying Biscuit that LC mentioned to me. Thanks! It was really cheap, about $14. One day I'll post better pictures. It's bed time now. Nini.