Thursday, June 26, 2008

Things I Love Thursday

I'm sorry, this one's gonna be really quick cause I hafta run to work!

*Lush! I'm loving my new job there. Everyone there is so cool and so laid back (which is very different from the other job.) I can wear what I want (as long as it's black and white.) I'll show you guys what I'm wearing today as an example. And you can't beat my discount (I get half off everything.)
*Fireflies- Now that it's actually summer in Georgia there've been lots of fireflies running around. The last time I saw any was when I was really young, so I'm very excited.
*My recent purchases- My sandals and black lame skirt which, as you all know, I've been lusting over for aaaaages. Pictures soon, I promise!
*The boif- He read my blog and he dutifully took me out. Not once but twice. Curry and shisha, yum.
*Make Fetch Happen- I love her take on fashion in all it's glory and horror. This article is extremely interesting to me. It's about race in fashion, about the decline of supermodels, and how clothes are portrayed on the runway. It's a great read!
*Carmen Solomon- Beautiful beautiful girl. She has the same sort of alienish beauty that a lot of top models have today. It's the kind of thing where you love her or you hate her, and I adore her!

What things do you love?


  1. Pleased to hear the jobs going well-although you have a colour restriction, black and white is a good combo!

  2. I love her looks, especially in the two first outfits.

  3. carmen really is gorgeous. she has a unique look, unlike the flood of russian models i'm seeing now that all look the same and have no expression.

  4. really unusual features but at the same time, very beautiful.

  5. Yeah. I really didn't know what you guys would think of her because she' unusual. I do think she's pretty gorgeous though.

  6. this South African beauty is breathtaking.


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