Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Past Few Days

I've been out and about lately but I keep forgetting to post my outfit pictures. I keep even forgetting to take them before it's nightfall (hence the quality)

The first outfit got a lot of male attention. I don't know why. The dress (Free People) is definitely long enough and the boots (Justin Roper) are not high heels. I wore this to B&N to look through magazines (and take pictures of things.)

The second is what I wore to work. The pants are from Rave (does anyone remember that store? I remember it was the height of fashion for 11 year olds) and the top is Wet Seal. I can't remember where the belt is from.

The other day I went to my interview with Lush and after that, picked up a few basics from UO. A super sheer, super soft, knit tee, and two oversized tank tops made of the same fabric. I got two of the tank tops because they're pretty much perfect. I'm now wondering if I should've gotten another one of the tees. I also got a tank for work and a pair of black skinnies. All of it was on sale. I'm thinking about waiting till the black scarf with fringe is on sale? See, I took it into the dressing room and realized that it was pretty much perfect. You can wear it as a scarf a billion ways but I've also figured out how to make it into a dress and a skirt. But I'm gonna wait it out until it stops being 80 degrees everyday. Once it hits 75 I'll probably pick it up.

Also tomorrow will be the first day of me doing Things I Love Thursday (inspired by Gala, of course,) simply because so much stuff gets written at the bottom of outfit posts. I want to clean it up and make everything neater. So we'll see how well this works!


  1. love those top pictures

  2. of course you got male attention! that dress with those boots is a killer combination.

  3. You look great in all those photos. You're very photogenic.

  4. I love the dress, AND the boots. The combo is killer!

  5. That dress certainly is attention-grabbing. Love it! I like your boots, too. Good luck with Lush!

  6. nicole + enc + tavi: Thank you!

    fash + ida: The funny thing is, I wasn't even thinking that it would be. I just thought the boots would toughen up my dress.

    the stylish wanderer: The dog is too cute, and the worst part is that she knows it! She knows how to get away with nearly everything. But she's a good dog so I can't complain too much


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