Sunday, June 1, 2008

Quick Post

I got home from work and took these pictures. As you can see it's fairly boring and I look pretty tired. The cardi I got from a little shop next to the Flying Biscuit that LC mentioned to me. Thanks! It was really cheap, about $14. One day I'll post better pictures. It's bed time now. Nini.


  1. OH MY! Fashion comment first, I like your old lady cardigan (I hope that doesn't come out sounding insulting because I love cardigans like that).

    Second! I REALLY REALLY like your hair. I hope that wasn't too random.

  2. Oh no it's not a bad thing at all. I'm looking at a pair of granny boots that I want soooo badly.

    (laughs) I find it funny that you like my hair considering it's been misbehaving soo much. I'm finally gonna get it done on Friday. So you should tell me what you think of the different hair. But thank you so much.


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