Thursday, May 29, 2008

Make Your Own Magic Wand

You know how I said two posts ago that I meant to put up an outfit post for when I went to the Decatur Arts Festival? I know I didn't specify that it was an art festival that I went to (sorry) but yeah that's where I went. Anyway it turns out he did take some pictures that I'd forgotten about and some I didn't know he took.


Yep. There I am, making my magic wand with the best of them. The photographer says all girls have a princess mentality, especially me, and he used this as a prime example. Just because I know how I like things to be, doesn't mean I'm a princess. Is it so wrong to take a little care in how I dress? Or to ask him very nicely to make me pancakes (fluffy and golden brown, not burnt. . . please) on Sunday mornings? I think not.

The dress is actually the photographer's basketball shirt. It's a size XL (too big for him too, not that he ever wears it) so I think it makes a good dress. He complained about me wearing it though. That I looked too scantily clad (it's actually longer than in the picture, my purse kept hiking it up.)


Yay a Wand!
Okay, maybe a little bit of a princess.

Thrifted scarf, earrings, Coach purse, belt, and sunglasses
Free People slip (it actually belonged under a lace dress but I decided to use it for something else)
Photographer's basketball shirt


  1. He just doesn't want anyone else to make a play for you. Oh, that was a bad pun.

    You look great. Nice wand.

  2. (laughs) I agree.

    Thank you. And you know, all he said about my wand was that it looked really sloppy. I prefer the term "organic."

  3. the earrings are so cute! and I agree with the sloppy/organic term...i much prefer organic!

  4. your outfit is very streetsmart-cute, as is your wand! Lol

  5. kate: thanks :)
    gloria: I never thought of referring to my wand as streetsmart-cute but I'll have to start doing it!


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