Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wearing the Jacket

Please excuse the shoddy quality of the pictures. The photographer went to buy groceries and I was struggling to wake up enough to take pictures before I lost all natural light. Unfortunately I don't forsee myself wandering around outside in this jacket any time in the near future. It's like 80 degrees outside.

(See how I'm not wearing earrings? It means I haven't gotten up yet)

Anyway, at some point please remind me to get a tripod or a non shoddy camera, or both. I think it'd probably be really helpful in the picture taking.


  1. Are you happy with it? It looks cute.

  2. I always love leather jackets on other people, but when I put them on I feel sort of foolish. You look so cute though!

    I like your shoes too!

  3. your photos do justice to your clothes!
    it's very cute!

  4. Thank you so much, guys.

    Chelsea Rae, I think a leather jacket would look great on you.

    Brigitte: Yeah I'm pretty happy with it. It's pretty 80s but I think I love it for that.


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