Sunday, March 30, 2008

Things I'm Loving

I was just looking around online and saw these two beauties. I wish the jacket were in a shiny black but I still love it. The ruffles!

And in the vein of the long dresses, this lovely one at Neiman Marcus. I love the color and the little bow. I can just imagine the dress moving in the wind like the ripple of a wave. And a woman with a long billowing carf, jingling earrings and a fitted jacket. Oh love.

Friday, March 28, 2008

That Yellow Dress

While I've never been one to follow trends conscientiously I've lately found myself in swing with a few of them. Namely dresses. Namely long maxi dresses. I recently got a dress off of eBay because of this. It's a yellow 70s dress that I got because it reminded me of a beautiful yellow pleated dress I saw on one or two of the blogs I frequent but can't find any more. It was so lovely. The closest I can get to it are these dresses, that while lovely in their own right, don't have that same sort of fragility that one had.

Diane von Furstenberg via Nordstrom

Rachel Pally. Shopbop.

Free People.

But I'm also just loving long dresses in general. Like maxi, full length. Good maxi dresses are hard to find at the moment unless you're looking in vintage stores and such. That's why I feel like mine was such a find. I'll post pictures when I get it in the mail.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

So. . .

of course I have to start posting with one of the things that are on my lust list. I don't know why I'm so enraptured with them considering they're so simple but I can't help but desire black wax jeans.
These jeans are from Urban Outfitters for $120 . I was turned on to them while visiting Jen's blog and if you look, you'll see she has labels dedicated to the black wax jean. I didn't know it was that serious until I took a looksee myself. And while I know I shouldn't because of how much it would dent my student budget, still. My fingers are still itching for it. I love it because it's just a sexy but simple take on skinny jeans. And because it adds that texture I'm itching for.

Maybe I can find a pair on eBay. (Sometimes I think God created eBay just for me.)

Friday, March 21, 2008


Hi, I'm Ariel. I used to go by Aziza but I figured I should use my real name.

My blog is devoted to personal style and not as much trend watching. If I do see something I like I will post about it. This means I'm likely to post musings, things that inspire me, art, my outfits, other people's outfits, writing, etc. Basically anything that makes me happy.I imagine this blog will grow as I do.

If you have any thoughts or questions or suggestions please email me. I love email so much! So don't be afraid to email at axsilkandleather (at) gmail (dot) com.

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