Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What I wore today


Didn't get the call back yet. Did manage to get my transcript, thank god, they almost lost it. This outfit wasn't even a lazy outfit. It was a reach-into-the-closet-blindly outfit.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Aldo and Insomnia

I know all the cool kids have been all over these and back again but I do have to post about them. The only reason I haven't so far was because I didn't want to torture myself with pictures of them. But I caved in just now. I saw some at the mall. I knew them the moment I passed by the shoe shop. It's got that distinctive thick chunky heel that I love so much. You know, I don't like shoes that are too chunky around the foot. . .but the heel? I love it.

Unfortunately I can only link you to the ones I want since I can't manage to get pictures. Nicholle, Luik, Koudougou, Frloiend.

So here are others.

These are from Nordstrom.

I know the sandal might seem a little odd but I think it's so cute. And I think the black strap gives it a little edginess.

These are TopShop.

I like the first one cause it's such a classic shoe but then you have the cut out. The second is a bit odd but something about it moves me. Maybe it's the banana heel.

And these are just perfect!

This last one is TopShop and not a shoe but god I love it and want it so much. The perfect floral. I'd just throw a simple shirt under it and go about my day.

Okay I'm gonna try sleep again. Nini everyone.

Interview at Lush

So I had an interview at Lush today. These are the pictures I took after.

(I'm relaxed cause I think I got the job)

I wanted to wear my big funky earrings but I was worried. . . that I'd worry them too much. God that sounds crazy. Oh I don't know. I guess I was being pretty ridiculous. I was pretty nervous. I really like Lush. I spend too much money there trying to make me smell nice and have my skin soft not to get the job.

I washed my hair and re-pin curled it. You can't really see here which means I need a better camera.

I have to go out tomorrow so I'll post pics of that when I get back.

Take care of yourselves.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bill Boiz

When people comment I always try to respond quickly and if they have a blog, I always like to take a looksee at their posts and at it to my blog roll or comment or whatever. That's how I found Bill Boiz, designer of Prince Williams 3rd Inc. A lovely blogger at Vogued Out had posted one or two pictures of him. I was intrigued so I looked up more.

He seems to be completely enamored with red, boots, and tartans. And while I can't say that I'm completely in love with everything he wears (maybe its the hat that bothers me), I do admire him for taking huge fashion risks.

And of course there's something to be learned. I would love to have his jackets, especially the bright yellow one. And I do love that pocket square of his.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Job Search

Today I went to hand in my resume to Lush (well two of them in the same mall.) I did a total revamping of my resume a couple days ago. It looks so good! I got help from Life Clever. I linked you to the article. It's so good.

Anyway I picked up a few (read: 8) other applications. It's like all the places I don't want to work are hiring. Including Hollister. It was the first time I've been inside one of those stores and while I know there are a few good items in there, for the most part it seemed like they were trying to start a new world order in there. The sales people are called models and the people handling the shipping are called impacters. I don't know if I could work there as a "model" but the girl who worked there seemed really fun so who knows? I managed to get lost in the store (laughs) so I think I need to work on my directions first.

Below is what I wore today. Dominique took the pictures when we let Cherokee out. Last time I wore this dress I was in Australia for Christmas. It was so hot and I was terribly overdressed.

locket, ebay
bangles, store in San Fran
earrings, Claire's
tank, Target
dress, Express
flats, DSW

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Recently I've noticed (and others have too, I'm sure) that fashion isn't really producing anything new, just sort of regurgitating the old and adding a new spin to it. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. I loved the 80s for the 2 years I was a part of them, and in the 90s and now today. I mean how could you not love the 80s? Fraggle Rock, big hair, hair bands, leather, studs, tight pants, everything big.

But at the same time I do like invention. And there's really not that much of that. We seem to have done just about everything already. The hem lines have gone up, clothes have gotten tighter, etc. etc. But while others are despairing I don't, at least not for living in the USA. Fashion changes based on necessity.

Josephine Baker. I idolize her.

In the 20s the war had revolutionized society in the US. Feminism was the rage. People were moving to the cities, and night life and jazz was a big thing. Hemlines shortened and fringes were added so that when people danced, their clothing danced with them.

In the 50s the Cold War. Family was more important than ever before. The troops were coming home and settling down and having families. It makes sense that the hourglass figure was the thing as it is ultimate symbol of motherhood and fertility. Hips wide enough to bear children, breasts large enough to feed them. Clothing played this up.

The 60s, yet another war. People rebelled by creating their own clothing, wearing kente cloth and growing their hair natural. People lived the Bohemian lifestyle. They fought the government. The civil rights movement continued. Peace, love and equality was so important.

And now today we have another war and the American economy is so woeful. So it's not surprise that this USA Today article notes that teens are turning to vintage clothing. I'm sure it's something that fellow bloggers and fashionistas have been noticing. Our favorite eBay stores have been ransacked and where we used to be able to pick up an item for $20 it's going for $200.

Depressions, recessions and wars are always heralds of fashion change and now that we're in deep here in the US, I think there will be more creativity with fashion. I don't think it's gonna stop with the diy and the thrifting and the throwbacks. I think the hard times will push designers to be more creative.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


The clothes on my floor
Edit// Picture of lace detail below

This is yet another "yesterday" post. I know I know, I'm behind. I'll try to do better. I actually meant to post it yesterday with the cleverly witty title "Today" but now that I can't this one will have to suffice.

Dominique and I went to Little Five Points because they were having live music and hundreds of CDs for ten bucks. I love CDs and just whole albums in general. I know that when I have kids I'll be like one of those vinyl people but with CDs, complaining about how awful and confusing music distribution is since mp3s.

But anyway this is what I wore, which is really similar to what I wore the night before (oh goodness now I'm rhyming) because all I did was sit around and eat in it. The difference is I had the black Threadless tee on and gray tights and flats.

Free people Dress
James Reese shirt

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Yesterday I donned my yellow dress (that I mentioned while lusting over other dresses in this post) and went to the AUC (Atlanta University Center) to print out a letter to send. Along the way I bumped into a few people I used to know when I went to school there last year. It was. . .interesting. While there was one person I was glad to see, for the most part I saw people who'd done me wrong or were just plain weird to me. I wasn't very affectionate towards them at all, which is pretty bitchy for me.

This is me before I went. See how relaxed I seem?

Fortunately there's no after. Walking back from campus I realized a couple of things. 1) The Tea Party is my favorite band and 2) I'm still alittle bit bitter over the way I was treated in the past. But I can't say I'd trade my experiences for more rosy ones. There's something about hardship that turns coal into diamonds and I am a better person for all of this, for sure. I've learned a lot these past months, including who to trust and who not to. It's something very important that we should all know.

So here are more pictures of the dress. It's kind of a flouro yellow. I was hoping it was gonna be more butterscotch but I actually like it a lot. I got stopped a lot and stared at alot while I was walking through campus. I definitely stood out in this flowing thing. Everyone else was wearing tight/baggy jeans and tight/baggy shirts. It was too hot out for that.

Vtg 70s dress from eBay
Jean jacket I was gonna get rid of but realized was awesome from Dadeland Mall
Shoes from Converse
Laces from Hot Topic (there's nothing wrong with a little Hot Topic in your wardrobe)
Bangles are thrift

I also switched clothes to go to dinner last night. The pictures of me are on another camera though. If I can find them online I'll post them later.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good day!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


While waiting for the man to get off the other computer (so I can print out a resume and submit it) I've been oggling this jewelry by Lola&Bailey.

"Lola & Bailey is a partnership between Cheri Uppal and Theresa Nguyen established in 2006 out of a yearning to create beautiful and intriguing design products that are a reflection of the user.

Lola & Bailey is based on a fictional romance between characters. Each product takes you on a journey through the lives of these characters in love and life, breakups and makeups and everything in between.

This collection is 'The First Kiss'. It's whimsical, fun and ambiguous. Wear them upside down, sideways, let your personality come through your jewelery."

And by god I am feeling the collection. I've always had a big thing for jewelery and I'm known by my big statement earrings (which I need to replenish.) And I love love love Arte Nouveau and story telling so you can imagine how I was when I found them.

Pictures are from, so without further ado, my favorites:

First Kiss:

Third Kiss:

From the Cloud Watching & Star Gazing collection there are pendants and pins. My favorites again:

Sun Catcher in Creme:

And Sun Shifter in Creme:

The only thing I could possibly wish for are some earrings. I would love it if they made earrings. Or rings. Maybe they'll do it in their next collection. If I could will things into being,
I know I'd be hearing news about their earrings tomorrow.

Until then. . .

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Red Pants

Pretty Girl from Black Pearls asked what to wear with red jeans that wasn't just a black top. She wanted something cream, tan or brown. I fiddled with Polyvore for a second and this is what I came up with. Nothing very wowy but definitely different from the norm. I think most people would keep it black and white with that splash of red, or do lots of splashes of red. Creams and tans makes the red not as jarring and not as "hipster." Pretty and earthy with a bit of passion, if you will.

Friday, April 11, 2008


I've been contemplating getting a pair of sneakers (considering I don't really have any) since doing my post on what I'd wear at 40 and I've been trying to figure out what I should get. You always have your Converses and that's awesome and I need a pair of simple black ones. But when it comes to sneakers that I want to stand out in, it's always been Dunks. I love them because when I put them on, unlike other kinds of sneakers, they don't make my feet look fat (which is also why I like Pumas.)

A lot of fashionistas refuse to wear any kind of sneakers that don't have the Converse look. While that's okay I think they're missing out on something. I can understand the fear of the shoes ruining your aesthetic. If you're trying to look like a spring rose, people naturally gravitate towards flats. I guess that's one of the reasons why flats becoming tired for me. They're so. . .easy. I mean, easy can be good but it's always great to have adventure with your fashion.

Take what Lauren from Fops and Dandies wore the other day to an Elton John concert. She has on what are typically "urban wear" shoes but she's managed to still look pretty and interesting. Everything about what she wore was quite perfect actually. The jacket made it a little dressier for the concert while the shoes managed to dress down what she was wearing so that she didn't have that overly pretty look.

I don't know if I'm adventurous enough for dresses yet but I'm gonna work on it. Maybe I just need to do some experimenting on Polyvore.

These are the ones I saw on that I liked:

I do have issues with each kinda. I'm not a fan of pink or gray. I like everything else though. The navy and white (and there are black and white) would fit in with everything but they sorta lack a glam factor.

I don't know. If I decide on something I'll post about it.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tutus very recently put together a slideshow of fashion that was inspired by ballet and Degas. Some of those looks were really costumey, definitely like costumes I've worn before, others were more wearable which is good. That's one of the things I immediately look for in clothes, how I could wear it. Most of the clothes themselves I probably wouldn't be able to wear alone unless I had some place to go to at night, but I imagine that if you paired some things with simple tees or sweaters, to detract from some of the glitz, you could maybe wear it during the day. I'm really tempted to try and recreate some of these looks with my sewing machine but I'm afraid my skills aren't yet up to par.

Anyway, here are my favorite looks.

Ralph Lauren.

Luisa Beccaria. (not that wearable, love it anyway)

Luella. Goth much? (love it)

MaxAzria. (Don't know about the top part but love how skirt ripples.)

MaxAzria again. (so wearable)

Collette Dinnigan. (black cardigan + feather skirt?)