Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Red Pants

Pretty Girl from Black Pearls asked what to wear with red jeans that wasn't just a black top. She wanted something cream, tan or brown. I fiddled with Polyvore for a second and this is what I came up with. Nothing very wowy but definitely different from the norm. I think most people would keep it black and white with that splash of red, or do lots of splashes of red. Creams and tans makes the red not as jarring and not as "hipster." Pretty and earthy with a bit of passion, if you will.


  1. I love, love, love the look!! We have to exhange links, I can't believe I dont have you in my blog roll already.

  2. I love my read skinnies, but I do happen to wear them with black and white tops quite often. This is a great alternative.

    p.s. Thanks for stopping by Pink Rock Candy!

  3. Pretty Girl: I'm glad. I just recently started this blog. :)

    Chelsea Rae: I actually hadn't thought about it till I read Pretty Girl's post, so you can give the thanks to her. :)

  4. THat's a great look (I especially love the jacket!)

  5. Me too. I wish I had enough for it. (laughs)


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