Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bringing in Spring

I said in my last post about how I gave away a lot of my clothes so has to help out my wardrobe. To be honest, I really don't buy very much clothing. My mother definitely taught me quality over quantity and the little DIYer in me has a habit of wanting to make things that are costly but shouldn't be so.

At any rate, I'm in need of a spring jacket. I have a great purple coat but it'll be too warm to wear. It almost makes me sad cause I recently got it. It's so lovely! But I have to face facts. I need a new jacket. I might've said earlier about how I want a tuxedo jacket with sharp coattails like the below. But with shorter tails and long sleeves. I'm not sure if I can find one so I might have to make one.

So I've been crawling various sites trying to find a nice one and I saw a lot of really cute jackets and vests but my favorites would have to be the Nanette Lepore and Marc by Marc Jacobs jackets (respectively) that I've seen at Nordstrom.
I love yellow as an accent color. My favorite color is purple and luckily enough they go amazingly well together. I have to love the second vest too. I love the great big bow on it. I'd love to pair it with a simple white shirt and some shiny black jeans. And some impeccably girly jewellry. Girly with an edge.


  1. those are crazy tops! I do enjoy em

  2. Oh for sure. I love crazy things to spice up clothing. It makes everything more interesting.

  3. I love all the pictures you posted. Where is the first waistcoat from?

  4. I'm glad. :)

    I actually got it off a Japanese egl website. I wish I understood it so I could buy something from there. Here's the site: I find that a lot of gothic lolita stuff is actually pretty awesome as long as you pair it with other things so it's more "you" I guess.


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