Friday, April 25, 2008

Job Search

Today I went to hand in my resume to Lush (well two of them in the same mall.) I did a total revamping of my resume a couple days ago. It looks so good! I got help from Life Clever. I linked you to the article. It's so good.

Anyway I picked up a few (read: 8) other applications. It's like all the places I don't want to work are hiring. Including Hollister. It was the first time I've been inside one of those stores and while I know there are a few good items in there, for the most part it seemed like they were trying to start a new world order in there. The sales people are called models and the people handling the shipping are called impacters. I don't know if I could work there as a "model" but the girl who worked there seemed really fun so who knows? I managed to get lost in the store (laughs) so I think I need to work on my directions first.

Below is what I wore today. Dominique took the pictures when we let Cherokee out. Last time I wore this dress I was in Australia for Christmas. It was so hot and I was terribly overdressed.

locket, ebay
bangles, store in San Fran
earrings, Claire's
tank, Target
dress, Express
flats, DSW


  1. such an amazing outfit, fedora and all.

  2. Thankies. It's like the first hat I've bought ever. So I was afraid I'd look stupid in it. (laughs)

  3. I really like the look, I need to get me a hat like that.


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