Thursday, April 17, 2008


While waiting for the man to get off the other computer (so I can print out a resume and submit it) I've been oggling this jewelry by Lola&Bailey.

"Lola & Bailey is a partnership between Cheri Uppal and Theresa Nguyen established in 2006 out of a yearning to create beautiful and intriguing design products that are a reflection of the user.

Lola & Bailey is based on a fictional romance between characters. Each product takes you on a journey through the lives of these characters in love and life, breakups and makeups and everything in between.

This collection is 'The First Kiss'. It's whimsical, fun and ambiguous. Wear them upside down, sideways, let your personality come through your jewelery."

And by god I am feeling the collection. I've always had a big thing for jewelery and I'm known by my big statement earrings (which I need to replenish.) And I love love love Arte Nouveau and story telling so you can imagine how I was when I found them.

Pictures are from, so without further ado, my favorites:

First Kiss:

Third Kiss:

From the Cloud Watching & Star Gazing collection there are pendants and pins. My favorites again:

Sun Catcher in Creme:

And Sun Shifter in Creme:

The only thing I could possibly wish for are some earrings. I would love it if they made earrings. Or rings. Maybe they'll do it in their next collection. If I could will things into being,
I know I'd be hearing news about their earrings tomorrow.

Until then. . .


  1. i think it's really interesting to see their conceptualization of a kiss. i've never thought about what one would look like, but this is pretty good. my idea would have been something pretty trite, like a tiny firecracker or something.

    but that's only for the good kisses...

  2. Yeah, I think the organic-ness of the jewelry almost reflects two people's bodies snuggled up real close. I hadn't really thought about what form a kiss would take but I figure this would be pretty close. It's also pretty interesting to see how the kisses change over time.


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