Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bill Boiz

When people comment I always try to respond quickly and if they have a blog, I always like to take a looksee at their posts and at it to my blog roll or comment or whatever. That's how I found Bill Boiz, designer of Prince Williams 3rd Inc. A lovely blogger at Vogued Out had posted one or two pictures of him. I was intrigued so I looked up more.

He seems to be completely enamored with red, boots, and tartans. And while I can't say that I'm completely in love with everything he wears (maybe its the hat that bothers me), I do admire him for taking huge fashion risks.

And of course there's something to be learned. I would love to have his jackets, especially the bright yellow one. And I do love that pocket square of his.


  1. vogue: you're welcome :)

    belinda: me too. I wish I could see how he dressed everyday

  2. Oh! I saw him at fashion week in Feb. I think I took a picture of him, but it was on someone else's camera. His style is boss!

  3. I'd love to go to a fashion week. The closest thing I've been to was Art Basel at South Beach. I missed it this year though.


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