Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Aldo and Insomnia

I know all the cool kids have been all over these and back again but I do have to post about them. The only reason I haven't so far was because I didn't want to torture myself with pictures of them. But I caved in just now. I saw some at the mall. I knew them the moment I passed by the shoe shop. It's got that distinctive thick chunky heel that I love so much. You know, I don't like shoes that are too chunky around the foot. . .but the heel? I love it.

Unfortunately I can only link you to the ones I want since I can't manage to get pictures. Nicholle, Luik, Koudougou, Frloiend.

So here are others.

These are from Nordstrom.

I know the sandal might seem a little odd but I think it's so cute. And I think the black strap gives it a little edginess.

These are TopShop.

I like the first one cause it's such a classic shoe but then you have the cut out. The second is a bit odd but something about it moves me. Maybe it's the banana heel.

And these are just perfect!

This last one is TopShop and not a shoe but god I love it and want it so much. The perfect floral. I'd just throw a simple shirt under it and go about my day.

Okay I'm gonna try sleep again. Nini everyone.


  1. I agree, I really do like the purple and beige heel. The first is nice too but I would just want a basic, without the beige. And that dress is so fantastic!!! Susie Bubble wore a dress like that with something like a basketball T-Shirt underneath, I liked it a lot. You could do the same! It would look great. You could wear it with a nice cardigan, too. Oh the possibilities!!! Buy it!!!
    And I agree, now the Mr. Men styles are just trying too hard, they should've kept it simple.
    Whoops, sorry for the supersized comment...

  2. I would probably wear some sort of dark tee under it or hell, I could throw a Mr. Men shirt on and the dress too. (laughs) That'd be fun.

    And no worries, I give huge comments all the time myself.


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