Friday, April 11, 2008


I've been contemplating getting a pair of sneakers (considering I don't really have any) since doing my post on what I'd wear at 40 and I've been trying to figure out what I should get. You always have your Converses and that's awesome and I need a pair of simple black ones. But when it comes to sneakers that I want to stand out in, it's always been Dunks. I love them because when I put them on, unlike other kinds of sneakers, they don't make my feet look fat (which is also why I like Pumas.)

A lot of fashionistas refuse to wear any kind of sneakers that don't have the Converse look. While that's okay I think they're missing out on something. I can understand the fear of the shoes ruining your aesthetic. If you're trying to look like a spring rose, people naturally gravitate towards flats. I guess that's one of the reasons why flats becoming tired for me. They're so. . .easy. I mean, easy can be good but it's always great to have adventure with your fashion.

Take what Lauren from Fops and Dandies wore the other day to an Elton John concert. She has on what are typically "urban wear" shoes but she's managed to still look pretty and interesting. Everything about what she wore was quite perfect actually. The jacket made it a little dressier for the concert while the shoes managed to dress down what she was wearing so that she didn't have that overly pretty look.

I don't know if I'm adventurous enough for dresses yet but I'm gonna work on it. Maybe I just need to do some experimenting on Polyvore.

These are the ones I saw on that I liked:

I do have issues with each kinda. I'm not a fan of pink or gray. I like everything else though. The navy and white (and there are black and white) would fit in with everything but they sorta lack a glam factor.

I don't know. If I decide on something I'll post about it.


  1. I have the same problem...I'm not really a sneaker girl, but sometimes I want to revert back to my Air Force One clad high school days...I'll be checkin' for your decision on a cute stylish pair!

  2. I think I might play it pretty low key with just black and white to ease my way in. Or maybe I should just take the plunge. I don't know but I will post once I do have an idea.

  3. that last pair is so hot! i agree with you on the converse. i actually DON'T own a pair of the classic b+w chuck taylor highs. i have a feeling that if i get them, i'll just naturally default to wearing them all the time, i.e. be a lazy dresser. having nice dunks with interesting colorways does force you into thinking of different ways to put together your outfit, to make all the colors work. i think you can do it!

    man now you've got me thinking about getting another pair of sneakers, hmmmmmmm.

  4. I actually do want to have just a simple pair because I feel like flats are making me a lazy dresser. Or really, my issue is, I have a few clothes in my closet but they really lack cohesiveness since I changed my dressing style and removed a lot. I need more white, black, blue, purple and yellow.


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