Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tutus very recently put together a slideshow of fashion that was inspired by ballet and Degas. Some of those looks were really costumey, definitely like costumes I've worn before, others were more wearable which is good. That's one of the things I immediately look for in clothes, how I could wear it. Most of the clothes themselves I probably wouldn't be able to wear alone unless I had some place to go to at night, but I imagine that if you paired some things with simple tees or sweaters, to detract from some of the glitz, you could maybe wear it during the day. I'm really tempted to try and recreate some of these looks with my sewing machine but I'm afraid my skills aren't yet up to par.

Anyway, here are my favorite looks.

Ralph Lauren.

Luisa Beccaria. (not that wearable, love it anyway)

Luella. Goth much? (love it)

MaxAzria. (Don't know about the top part but love how skirt ripples.)

MaxAzria again. (so wearable)

Collette Dinnigan. (black cardigan + feather skirt?)