Sunday, April 6, 2008

Prim Magazine

This past Tuesday Prim Magazine launched. I'm sure many of you have already heard of it and I'm a bit late on the band wagon but I just thought it was a great magazine. It's very different from other magazines and ezines I've read because of it's realness.

My only problem with Prim was that it wasn't as picture heavy as I would've liked it to be. When it came to showing global style it was one picture per person from the chest up and no link to a blog or flickr that they might have had. I would've also liked to see more people who looked like me, black. But that's natural. One tends to gravitate towards things that are most like them. (And that's probably why there needs to be more zines with black people as contributors.)

I think one of the best things about it (outside from it being run by some of our favorites from the blogosphere) is that instead of only putting up ads for high end stuff or stores, they put up links to eBay vintage stores. While there is a downside to that (stuff that I used to get cheap is now being bidded up like nobody's business) I think it's great to support your local business, if that's what it can be called. Not to mention that vintage is great and not just because it's more or less one of a kind but also because of it being low impact. Instead of going out and buying a brand new sequined dress that the company will have to make again to refill the store, you can buy something that's already been made and is probably of better quality. It's less of a waste and at this point in human history, the majority of what we're doing is wasteful.

With that said, Prim has produced a good first issue. It has fashion, it has lesser known designers, vintage hookups, bits of music and art, anice little diy for skinny jeans which saves people a good $60-140 and great articles. The best was a thought provoking one about why fashion hasn't produced anything new lately and is revamping old ideas, which I'd love to write a response to (I wonder if there's a letter to the editor?)

Anyway, I suggest you check it out.


  1. i wrote the diy skinnys page
    it made me giggle to see someone metion it i dont know why

  2. Well you did a good job. :)

  3. where can you get the magazine from?

  4. mc ayahh!: just click on the link I provided and it'll take you to the magazine.


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