Sunday, April 20, 2008


The clothes on my floor
Edit// Picture of lace detail below

This is yet another "yesterday" post. I know I know, I'm behind. I'll try to do better. I actually meant to post it yesterday with the cleverly witty title "Today" but now that I can't this one will have to suffice.

Dominique and I went to Little Five Points because they were having live music and hundreds of CDs for ten bucks. I love CDs and just whole albums in general. I know that when I have kids I'll be like one of those vinyl people but with CDs, complaining about how awful and confusing music distribution is since mp3s.

But anyway this is what I wore, which is really similar to what I wore the night before (oh goodness now I'm rhyming) because all I did was sit around and eat in it. The difference is I had the black Threadless tee on and gray tights and flats.

Free people Dress
James Reese shirt


  1. very nice outfit!

    i've been to little five points before. it's a cute place, lots of reconstructed/vintage places, from what i remember. there's a nice vintage shop next to the flying biscuit café, have you ever been there? i bought an amazing embroidered coat while waiting for a table, haha.

  2. Are you talking about Ragorama? I've picked up a few nice things from there. One of my bangles, a nice belt. I wish it was cheaper though, like those thrifts you can pick up shirts for 50 cents. Unfortunately, I don't think Atlanta's much of a place for thrifting. I don't think it's old enough or maybe it's not big enough.

    Maybe I'm thinking of the wrong place. If I am maybe I'll make an adventure of it and go there.

  3. You're adorable! You remind me of this very sweet, cool girl in my ballet class. Nice blog!

  4. Oh thank you so much! I do ballet too :)

  5. I knew it! Something about the way you carry yourself in your photos. Maybe if I elimanted slouching completely . . . people would know it about me too :)

  6. (laughs) Yes you should probably get on that. Good posture is good for your health too, and people automatically take notice of girls with grace. And men with grace too.


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