Thursday, May 29, 2008

Make Your Own Magic Wand

You know how I said two posts ago that I meant to put up an outfit post for when I went to the Decatur Arts Festival? I know I didn't specify that it was an art festival that I went to (sorry) but yeah that's where I went. Anyway it turns out he did take some pictures that I'd forgotten about and some I didn't know he took.


Yep. There I am, making my magic wand with the best of them. The photographer says all girls have a princess mentality, especially me, and he used this as a prime example. Just because I know how I like things to be, doesn't mean I'm a princess. Is it so wrong to take a little care in how I dress? Or to ask him very nicely to make me pancakes (fluffy and golden brown, not burnt. . . please) on Sunday mornings? I think not.

The dress is actually the photographer's basketball shirt. It's a size XL (too big for him too, not that he ever wears it) so I think it makes a good dress. He complained about me wearing it though. That I looked too scantily clad (it's actually longer than in the picture, my purse kept hiking it up.)


Yay a Wand!
Okay, maybe a little bit of a princess.

Thrifted scarf, earrings, Coach purse, belt, and sunglasses
Free People slip (it actually belonged under a lace dress but I decided to use it for something else)
Photographer's basketball shirt

Monday, May 26, 2008


My favorite color is purple and my favorite not a color is black. I said in the past that I'm trying to convert my wardrobe to neutrals with splashes of plum, navy, and yellow. This is sort of to that end. These pictures came from my "fashion" folder so I kinda didn't pay attention to where I got them from or who designed them. If anyone knows, please comment (or email) and I'll put it up.

Also, I was wondering (cause everyone's different) what kinds of things inspire you guys. Is it tough boys who mix patterns like experts? Or girls with wild disheveled hair? English gardens? Women who belong in beautiful Renaissance paintings? Or a certain aesthetic? Let me know!

The above I got from The Fashion Spot under either "gothic," "goth," or "neogoth." I love the black, love the texture. You can have so much fun with monochromatic looks.

This was definitely Sart. I love her hair color. I'm seriously thinking of dying my hair. Not red. Purple. Just streaks of a nice eggplant or plum color. What do you think?

Teyana, who I think has great personal style. She can touch a little on the rocker chic or touch on the hood or she can combine it. I love all three.

In other news:
I meant for this to be an outfit post but the photographer didn't want to take a picture in the shade and when he wanted to I didn't let him because we were in full sunlight, it was hot, and I was making faces.

I am working, of course. It's at the Limited though, so I can only wear black and white (no patterns) and suits from the Limited with few exceptions. I have tomorrow off so maybe something will come of that and I plan to do at least one outfit post of me wearing work stuff. So expect pictures soon.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Urban Outfitters

So I have this quirk where I like to labor over items of clothing that I really like. Just really thinking it over. Do I need this? Would I wear it? Well it's summer so should I get it now or should I wait? I even do it with things I immediately love and know I'm gonna get. I don't know why I do it. I guess I'm just strange.

One of the things I'm laboring over is this Eternity Scarf ($34) from UO. I want in black. I have the picture in white because it's easier to see. I want to see if I can pick up the scarf in person and just feel the material. It looks like it'd be really thin so yeah.

(Please forgive the awful gap. That's UO's fault.)The next are these fringe sandals ($28) from UO that I'm in love with. I feel like they could do no wrong. My only concern is comfort because I've felt some UO shoes that were pretty uncomfy. If you've bought shoes from them please let me know about the comfort level and all that. These are another pair I'd like to feel in-store. But I'm pretty hooked on these. They'd just go with everything.

I think everything below this point right here is just pure speculation. I haven't really decided like I did with the ones above.

Yep, feathers. Everyone seems to have the headbands and all that. While I think they're cool on some people (given that the headband is not too tight like lots of people like to wear them) they just don't work for me. My face is capable of looking 10. With headbands I look 5. You can see why it's a no go. But I do put my hair up often so chopsticks I can work with.

I don't know why but I adore these shoes. They're $98 and from UO (wow UO has been pulling in some pretty great stuff lately. Well the website anyway) and I'm sure a lot of people will instantly hate them I really like them. They remind me of some other shoes I saw in a canvas and brown leather. I'm not sure why I like them so much. Maybe because they remind me of socks and gladiator's together.

The scarf that's so wrong it's right ($28) There's something about the yellow in the scarf mixed with the gray that seems like it really shouldn't go together. But that's what makes it so appealing to me.

My other lbd broke down a while ago and I've been needing a new one. It was between this one and a sorta of skater dress but it was basically nix on that because I'd have to wear a shirt under it or no bra. I think it's $48.

There are a few others from UO that I like but won't end up here. Basically I've been doing a lot of online window shopping because I start my job (yay!) tomorrow and I think I deserve a present. Basically me getting my hair done + $50 on clothes (probably fringe sandals and sheer white/black tees.) So expect pictures of acquisitions soon.

I hope you guys are having a nice night!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Perfect tennis shoes

I love love these sneakers. I saw them on little doodles.

They're Lacoste. It's an awesome twist on the tennis shoe. I think what I love about it is that the design is so subtle it can go with anything still.

The Sunday Paper (on Tuesday)

Yesterday I felt like taking a walk so we went to Decatur. Once we got off the train it was sooo hot. My body is not used to the weather so it doesn't know how to stay cool properly yet. I kinda foresaw this so I just wore this green dress and flats. I wanted to wear sandals but the sandals I have are not comfy enough for 80 degree weather + walking. I'm really thinking about these fringe sandals from UO. Well, it's more like I've decided on getting the sandals, considering that I now have a job. (Squee!)

may1108 017

may1108 029

may1108 033

may1108 035
For any that are curious, I was reading a free newspaper I picked up. Southern Voice I think? I don't know. At any rate Faggot is the name of a one-man show. It's about the trials and tribulations of being black and gay and it's coming to Atlanta. Apparently the last time it was in Atlanta, traffic slowed in front of the 14th St. Playhouse. I can understand that. When I saw the byline of the paper I had to read the article. It sounds pretty interesting. I'm thinking of going.

may1108 043
When I was little I used to like going through my mother's clothes (and I still do) and trying stuff on and wearing her heels. One day, while looking through my mother's stuffed closet I espied a dress I'd never seen. When I asked her about it, she told me that she was thinking about giving it away but I begged her to keep it for me for when I was older. She said I'd never be able to fit it (I was a beanpole back then and my mother is more curvaceous.) Ten years later I tried it on again and it fit. I mean, I'm not especially curvy (read: no hips) but it's really loose flowing so it fits like a dream. Whenever I walk it likes to flutter around me.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Summer Uniforms

Recently Gala asked what people's Spring uniforms would be. This is mine if I had enough money to buy as I wished.

Yeah I know it's a lot of things but bear with me. Here's a list to make things simple:

*Long flowing dresses
*Boots or heels
*Gloves and bangles
*hands-free bads
*Blazers, hats and light scarves with fringes
*Sheer black tights for shorter dresses

Dresses preferably in jewel tones (purple, navy, maybe yellow) and in neutrals (black, white, creme.) I'm trying to convert my closet to those colors and those are the ones I love most and look best in. So far I seem to have the purples and a few yellows and like one blue skirt. I don't have nearly enough black (a coupla tops and skirts) and a little white.

So when it comes to buying clothes I'm trying to limit it to the things above, but mostly to blacks. I have colors in abundance. (No. . .really. It's like the sun shines out of my closet and you can hear birds chirping)

In other news: I went on an interview with J. Crew today. It went well. I got a second interview! Squee! More on that later.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Past Few Days

Sorry for being MIA recently. It was the photographer's 21st birthday on Friday. Nuff said. So as a thank you/apology gift, I was treated to sushi at Little Five Points.

James Reese Top
Aqua Dress
Steve Madden Sandals
Thrifted belt, bangles, and earrings

Today I had to go to the mall to see about a charger for my mac but didn't get any outfit pictures. Just this one of me and my jacket while I was waiting for my phone to charge.

It costs $80 bucks to get another charger. Ridiculous. So I'm updating from another computer. Next time I get a computer it's not gonna be a mac. Macs do cool things and look nice but they're high maintenance and when it comes to basics like hardware they're severely lacking. I'm thinking maybe a Sony Vaio? I don't know. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I felt kinda icky afterward so I dropped by an Aldo to check out some shoes. I fell absolutely in love with the Bellinghama in black. These are pictures from little thoughts.

I looked so killer in them but the price was a bit much for right now. There was a sale but not for my lovely Bellinghamas. One day they will be mine.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wearing the Jacket

Please excuse the shoddy quality of the pictures. The photographer went to buy groceries and I was struggling to wake up enough to take pictures before I lost all natural light. Unfortunately I don't forsee myself wandering around outside in this jacket any time in the near future. It's like 80 degrees outside.

(See how I'm not wearing earrings? It means I haven't gotten up yet)

Anyway, at some point please remind me to get a tripod or a non shoddy camera, or both. I think it'd probably be really helpful in the picture taking.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Post Secret

I saw this awesome secret I can totally relate to.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Leather Jacket and How To Bid on eBay

Guess what little number is arriving on my doorstep. Why, yes! You're exactly right. It's a leather jacket. How'd ya guess?

Tada! I'm so excited!

I'm amazed I got it so cheap. People are crazy on eBay nowadays. It's like, "ooo this it X Vintage Store, if I buy this I'll look just like the seller!" But I mean really, let's be realistic. $100+ for a leather vest on eBay? Are you serious? And I know people don't even research these things because there are like 10 others in the same size being sold for like $30 dollars right now. And then there are those times where two different vintage sellers somehow manage to sell the exact same thing while still touting that it's one of a kind.

How To Bid On eBay
A Few Tips
* Just cause they say it's vintage, doesn't mean it is.
* Vintage is not the be all end all. There's perfectly good clothing that's not vintage.
* Don't be exclusively loyal to one store.
* And please, don't bid on the first day of auction. It's not gonna help you win, and if you do win you'll end up paying more than you need to. Most sellers start at a listing price of $9.99, if you've bid on it and it's now at $50 and there are 5 days left, you've done something wrong.

I don't mean to rant. I say all this to say mind your pocketbooks so that we (you and I) can get things cheap on eBay (the way it should be.)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Park

I went to the park yesterday to help relieve myself of some stress. On the way there were the two houses I could live in forever and be okay with. (Partly because they're so close to the park)

They're not bad looking either.

Unfortunately this is the best you're gonna get for an outfit photo. The photographer was too busy looking through the charred remains of a car (in the middle of the park by the kids area!) and fishing out wallets (with credit cards included) than to take suitable pictures. He even caught an attitude when asked nicely. Which amazed me considering he knew the score.(Before anyone asks, yes we did turn in the wallet but I don't think the wallet owner is still alive)

The lovelies below made me feel better though.

How cute are they? I want one. I'd name him Frankenstein and I could give him a bath in blue koolaid so he'd be green. How awesome would he be?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Three Reasons Why I Love Azumi and David

1. They have cool twists on basics. And who doesn't love twists on basics?

2. They like to make really quirky things

On the left reminds me of that outfit Daul wore with the stuffed hands sewn onto a skirt.

The scarves come in different colors and the one on the left has more buttons and buttonholes than are shown. You could go crazy with all kinda ways to wear it.

Awesome clutches! I just love these shoe-purses period.

3. They make awesome jewelery and accessories.

I'd love to use the safety pin on the right on the brooch on the left.

The one on the left is a great idea, especially for me because they don't like to mass produce belts in my size. And I love suspenders. That's what my last outfit needed.

And because they make for great diy fodder. Except for the purses and a few other things, a lot of it is stuff I can make. So expect to see pictures of what I've come up with sometime in the future.

If you guys know about any other designers that do unusual things, please hit me up. Comments or email is cool.
All photos from Azumi and David