Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Past Few Days

Sorry for being MIA recently. It was the photographer's 21st birthday on Friday. Nuff said. So as a thank you/apology gift, I was treated to sushi at Little Five Points.

James Reese Top
Aqua Dress
Steve Madden Sandals
Thrifted belt, bangles, and earrings

Today I had to go to the mall to see about a charger for my mac but didn't get any outfit pictures. Just this one of me and my jacket while I was waiting for my phone to charge.

It costs $80 bucks to get another charger. Ridiculous. So I'm updating from another computer. Next time I get a computer it's not gonna be a mac. Macs do cool things and look nice but they're high maintenance and when it comes to basics like hardware they're severely lacking. I'm thinking maybe a Sony Vaio? I don't know. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I felt kinda icky afterward so I dropped by an Aldo to check out some shoes. I fell absolutely in love with the Bellinghama in black. These are pictures from little thoughts.

I looked so killer in them but the price was a bit much for right now. There was a sale but not for my lovely Bellinghamas. One day they will be mine.


  1. I really love your pictures here. Your outfit is adorable!

  2. At home, my family has a bunch of have HP desktops and an iMac, and in all honesty I like the Mac better, but I also have a Sony Vaiolaptop, that's really really tiny so it's great to bring to school (but, schools over, woo hoo!). It cost a lot of money though, and they're really expensive to get fixed because only Sony can fix them. My brother's broke me laptop and it took $1000 and two months to be repaired....ugh!

    Anyway, you always look so cute and the Aldo shoes are hot!

  3. Well on Apple can fix Macs. Maybe I should just get a different Mac laptop? I don't know. They do get fixed fast. My ex has a sony and it's always been really good to him, even if it costs like 4k. I don't know what I'm gonna do.

    Thank you :) and yes the shoes are hot. My only worry is that they'll be too sexy for everyday wear.

  4. gah, i adore those shoes.
    & i think you could definitely tone them down for everyday wear.

  5. Yeah I think so too. I was wearing one of my incognito outfits to try them on. All I had to do was put them on and roll up my jeans and it was instant sex appeal. I love it.

  6. These pictures are so cute, looks like fun! That purse is so cute and I love that purple on you.
    And yes, I would love to exchange links! Your blog is great.

  7. Yeah, if I'm ever rich I want a Mac but not before then, cuz on top of the high initial price maintenance sucks ass.

    I've heard bad things about the VAIO's but eh. Personally, for cheap laptops, I go for Toshiba Satellites. They're big, which is a pain, but decent-quality ones run for about $650 or so on sale, which is damn good, and they hold up okay. And you can buy generic replacement parts, which is a big plus over Macs.

  8. Well at this point, I'm not ready to replace my laptop. When I am, I'm willing to save enough so that it's good quality and not ginormous.

  9. CUTE colors! The dress! The purple looks kind of muted, as brought out by the gray, but then it Pops! with the pink earrings.


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