Thursday, May 15, 2008

Summer Uniforms

Recently Gala asked what people's Spring uniforms would be. This is mine if I had enough money to buy as I wished.

Yeah I know it's a lot of things but bear with me. Here's a list to make things simple:

*Long flowing dresses
*Boots or heels
*Gloves and bangles
*hands-free bads
*Blazers, hats and light scarves with fringes
*Sheer black tights for shorter dresses

Dresses preferably in jewel tones (purple, navy, maybe yellow) and in neutrals (black, white, creme.) I'm trying to convert my closet to those colors and those are the ones I love most and look best in. So far I seem to have the purples and a few yellows and like one blue skirt. I don't have nearly enough black (a coupla tops and skirts) and a little white.

So when it comes to buying clothes I'm trying to limit it to the things above, but mostly to blacks. I have colors in abundance. (No. . .really. It's like the sun shines out of my closet and you can hear birds chirping)

In other news: I went on an interview with J. Crew today. It went well. I got a second interview! Squee! More on that later.


  1. i agree on the long flowing dresses front!
    and i totally scammed this idea for my blog.

  2. i have a job lined up at jcrew! i am super excited about the %60 off hahaha.

  3. (laughs) That's cool. I hope you linked me ;) I'll go take a looksee at a more reasonable hour.

  4. Caroline: Yes! 60% off is always great. On anything.

  5. the dress is still for sale! the action ended with no bids on it. (more is going in the store hopefully wednesday) but it is being sold for $30. are you interested?

  6. Yes! It depends on the fabric though.

  7. Ooh! I love the gloves. And the shoes. Isn't it insane how we even wear boots in the summer now? Years ago it would have been a crazy idea.

  8. It is pretty ridiculous. I'm not sure if I can actually do it. I'll have to try a pair on to see. But I really do need boots for tromping around and stuff in rainy weather or on farms.

  9. I love all of your picks especially the boots...I've been hankering after a white pair of those for a while now but I'm not sure if my feet would survive in summer (if we ever get a summer in the uk!)

  10. Kate: Summer? In the UK? I've never heard of it. Even when my Scottish friends complain that it's getting a little warm, the thought make me heap on a pile of blankets.


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