Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Leather Jacket and How To Bid on eBay

Guess what little number is arriving on my doorstep. Why, yes! You're exactly right. It's a leather jacket. How'd ya guess?

Tada! I'm so excited!

I'm amazed I got it so cheap. People are crazy on eBay nowadays. It's like, "ooo this it X Vintage Store, if I buy this I'll look just like the seller!" But I mean really, let's be realistic. $100+ for a leather vest on eBay? Are you serious? And I know people don't even research these things because there are like 10 others in the same size being sold for like $30 dollars right now. And then there are those times where two different vintage sellers somehow manage to sell the exact same thing while still touting that it's one of a kind.

How To Bid On eBay
A Few Tips
* Just cause they say it's vintage, doesn't mean it is.
* Vintage is not the be all end all. There's perfectly good clothing that's not vintage.
* Don't be exclusively loyal to one store.
* And please, don't bid on the first day of auction. It's not gonna help you win, and if you do win you'll end up paying more than you need to. Most sellers start at a listing price of $9.99, if you've bid on it and it's now at $50 and there are 5 days left, you've done something wrong.

I don't mean to rant. I say all this to say mind your pocketbooks so that we (you and I) can get things cheap on eBay (the way it should be.)


  1. I think im heading to ebay to look for my birthday jacket

  2. This is so true, I've never understood why people drive up the price of items on Ebay.

  3. OMG seriously! I always wonder why people bid so much 6 days before the end date. Research ppl! :) Oh and everyone check out my blog for some cheap ebay auctions!

  4. SO TRUE about the Ebay stuff! I love that jacket, can't wait to see how it looks in real life!

  5. Thanks. I'll be sure to take pictures soon. I got it in the mail today.

  6. RE bidding, I did a post explaining sniping on my blog recently --that's how to bid without running the price up.

  7. Great tips. It's funny how the cute vintage stores run by young, stylish ladies who model (or get their stylish friends to model) garner lots of attention and high prices...for the same kind of stuff sold more cheaply by "generic" sellers. There's a huge appeal to these vintage stores, but if you can get past the pretty pictures, you can save yourself a lot of money buying from other sellers.

    BTW, thanks for having me in your links! I'm gonna add you back. :)

  8. dreamecho: Yeah it makes me really tempted to buy cheap stuff on eBay and resell it. Thanks for the link back :)

  9. True, its crazy how much this 'it' items are going for in some stores. great tips. thanks for posting.


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