Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Park

I went to the park yesterday to help relieve myself of some stress. On the way there were the two houses I could live in forever and be okay with. (Partly because they're so close to the park)

They're not bad looking either.

Unfortunately this is the best you're gonna get for an outfit photo. The photographer was too busy looking through the charred remains of a car (in the middle of the park by the kids area!) and fishing out wallets (with credit cards included) than to take suitable pictures. He even caught an attitude when asked nicely. Which amazed me considering he knew the score.(Before anyone asks, yes we did turn in the wallet but I don't think the wallet owner is still alive)

The lovelies below made me feel better though.

How cute are they? I want one. I'd name him Frankenstein and I could give him a bath in blue koolaid so he'd be green. How awesome would he be?


  1. Such a relaxing scenery. Is that you class ring?

  2. Nope. It's actually my mother's class ring. Class of '73.


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