Monday, May 26, 2008


My favorite color is purple and my favorite not a color is black. I said in the past that I'm trying to convert my wardrobe to neutrals with splashes of plum, navy, and yellow. This is sort of to that end. These pictures came from my "fashion" folder so I kinda didn't pay attention to where I got them from or who designed them. If anyone knows, please comment (or email) and I'll put it up.

Also, I was wondering (cause everyone's different) what kinds of things inspire you guys. Is it tough boys who mix patterns like experts? Or girls with wild disheveled hair? English gardens? Women who belong in beautiful Renaissance paintings? Or a certain aesthetic? Let me know!

The above I got from The Fashion Spot under either "gothic," "goth," or "neogoth." I love the black, love the texture. You can have so much fun with monochromatic looks.

This was definitely Sart. I love her hair color. I'm seriously thinking of dying my hair. Not red. Purple. Just streaks of a nice eggplant or plum color. What do you think?

Teyana, who I think has great personal style. She can touch a little on the rocker chic or touch on the hood or she can combine it. I love all three.

In other news:
I meant for this to be an outfit post but the photographer didn't want to take a picture in the shade and when he wanted to I didn't let him because we were in full sunlight, it was hot, and I was making faces.

I am working, of course. It's at the Limited though, so I can only wear black and white (no patterns) and suits from the Limited with few exceptions. I have tomorrow off so maybe something will come of that and I plan to do at least one outfit post of me wearing work stuff. So expect pictures soon.


  1. Everything here inspires me, but for different reasons. I love black in any format, from OTT to minimalist.

    I like the red hair, and I like Teyana's hair because it is retro BIG.

  2. gosh i'd love red orange hair like that!!

    i get inspired by so many things it's hard to tell...

  3. enc: yup I love Teyana's hair. And I think it's good that she's running around with her hair natural. I think it helps other people accept themselves and work with what they've got.

    gilda: Yeah I'd love to have red orange hair but I don't think such a bright color would work with my complexion. I don't know what your complexion is but I'm sure you could dye your hair some variation of red and it'd look awesome on you.

  4. I remember that red-head from the Sartorialist...and I remember the immediate symptoms from seeing it there...WANTING TO DYE MY HAIR BRIGHT RED. Then, the impulse calmed...and instead I got a cut.

    But I say, go for it...a plum, or even a deep auburn red...perhaps with a splash of honey highlights.

  5. I think I'll probably do the plum option with eggplant bits. Or maybe with a little navy. I imagine I'll bleach out my hair to different extremes so yeah.

  6. I like the goth image. Adding you to my blogroll!

  7. karla: thanks :)
    monique: as do I. I think there's a little goth hiding somewhere inside of me. :)


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