Monday, June 23, 2008




UO white top + skinnies
Target tank
eBay locket
Coconut Grove Art Festival green earrings
Claire's dangly heart earrings
Joe jeans

So I did try out the hair products and all that. After washing my hair I pincurled it and when I took these pictures it was still wet.

I had decided to wear my hat (to cover the pincurls) and my blue jeans with the tank under the white shirt but at the last minute decided to scrap everything and wear skinnies and comb out the curls. I did the curls wrong so they didn't turn out right. Hence the pony tail. I try again next time I have a hairpoo.

I went out to grab the sandals that I'd been hankering over. The fringed ones. I like them a lot and they are the perfect summer sandal (for me.)

More proper "clothes I wear" posts coming soon.


  1. Sorry to hear that the curls didn't turn out right. You still managed to get some good pics though. The entire outfit looks simple, yet so well put together.

  2. love the fedora. and the pic in your background with the two girls!

  3. where are the sandals. Are they the fringe ones from UO? by the way, I almost bought that white tank on Saturday...but then I had to talk myself out of buying yet another white tank--i live in this all summer.

  4. I love that white UO tank! You look great and perfectly relaxed for the summer.

  5. Cute outfit, very casual chic!!

  6. nice hat!!! And I love the slouchiness of the shirt. Really casual, but chic!

  7. These are great pictures. I love the top with those jeans, the proportion is very flattering on you. Also, I love the hat.

  8. I love the difference in volume between the baggy shirt and the skinny jeans. I also love that fedora! You look great :)

  9. Thanks, you guys! I was feelin a bit on the rocks about it when I wore it but I guess it wasn't that bad afterall.

    bleu: It's okay. I'll do the curls good next time for sure. I'm glad you started a blog :)

    chubbs: yeah I got the fringed ones. I promise to wear them soon to take an outfit post with them.

  10. I <3 that top!
    btw, you've inspired me to get roper boots like yours (but a different color)
    check out my blog if you get a chance!

  11. love that poster on the wall. is it angelina?

  12. fashion is poison: If you mean Angelina Jolie, nope. Other than that, I don't know who the models are.


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