Friday, June 6, 2008

Hair Post

Nice Hair
So I got my hair done yesterday. After it'd gotten permed and stuff it was pretty long but then I needed to get it cut cause there was no definition to it. It made me a bit sad but I'd rather have shiny happy hair than long unhappy hair. Apparently it looks a bit purple in the light. I'm not sure if this is the result of me dying it or because my hair naturally has a tendency to look purplish. As far as dying my hair goes, I might just have really noticeably purple ends and a purplish tint to the rest of my hair. Or I might just change my mind again. And I'm probably gonna curl my hair later. While slinky is good, I'm used to my hair looking less tame.

Hair Done

Same Steve Madden flats that I always wear (I'm so sick of flats. I've decided to get the UO sandals,) Target super thin night shirt, Seven for Mankind capris that were too long, so I cut them up, thrifted granny cardigan.

Forgive the shoddy quality. My photographer was at work and now that I'm uploading these he's like, "You took pictures without me? You never do them right!" Too true. I put the camera on the window sill for these so it was bound to come out wrong. Yeah, I know, tripod.

Oh, before I forget. So far the vote about the socks seems to favor the black cutout socks by Betsey and black slouchy ones with lace, the black fishnets with the ribbons, and all the over the knee socks. So chances are I'll be buying those. If you haven't already told me what you thought, please comment.


  1. i agree your hair looks awesome, and i think the chevron socks are really cool! :)


  2. aww, your hair looks super cute.

  3. Thanks guys :)

    Knight cat: I'm tempted to get the chevrons for summer but I think they might be too warm. Or I might just be jumping the gun on this one and should wait till it's cold.

  4. Great hair. It looks very "blowey" (as in it looks like it would flutter around in a perfect way if wind was present).

  5. I love how my hair feels after I perm it!

    Your hair looks great! I like the cut, and it doesn't look purple to me which may or may not be a good thing, or my computer screen is just kooky and doesn't show pictures correctly...

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  7. Gorgeous! I love that shade of purple on you.

  8. Thankies :)

    Tavi, yeah I like that shade of purple but my favorite would have to be a plum or eggplant.

  9. Gorgeous hair! My hair usually looks that good only for a week after I perm it and then goes back looking a bit ratty lol. I think it's cool that you have a purplish hair color, obviously purple looks beautiful against your skin. I'm not sure if we were supposed to trade links but I'll add you now :)

  10. Danz, do you wrap it? I mean, my hair can be pretty wild when it wants to be but the way to keep it manageable is oiling it and wrapping it every night. It stays straight that way and the oil keeps my hair from being too dry. I like the hair oils from It's natural, good smelling and it works.

  11. Yup, I wrap it every night after it's permed but the problem comes when I wash it and the texture changes. I'll check out that site though, thanks!

  12. Hmm. Well after I wash it I either let it air dry or blow dry it. Then I curl it (I'd flat iron it if I had a CHI.) Just make sure you put it on really high heat and make sure your hair is moisturized. That's probably the issue.

  13. i'm late--but i love you hair. it flatters you well...and love the capris too.


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