Thursday, June 19, 2008

Things I Love Thursday, 1st Edition

The Long Hair Care Forums: It's a site that I think all people with curly, kinky, and relaxed hair should check out. Just great advice on things to keep your hair healthy. I'm sure some of the stuff there would be good for naturally straight haired people, but most of it is catered to people who's hair is naturally dry (like people with curly hair.) And it's great for black women cause it removes the notion of "good hair." We all have good hair, we just don't know how to take care of it right!

The boif: He's cute, he's smart, he's funny. He takes pictures of me and puts up with my antic. And he's taking me out this weekend (yes, yes you are; hey, I just thought I'd let you know)

Mint chocolate chip ice cream: Yummy! Enough said.

The fashion blogging community: No, seriously. I was about to tear my hair out over the lack of understanding. Where I live, short shorts and matching your heels to your bag, to your shirt is the height of fashion. I know people have been all over boots and back but I still get looks when I wander out in my boots.

My new job at Lush! Ahh! So excited! I start next week! I'm definitely looking forward to meeting new people and buying my favorite soaps at lower prices.


  1. Great loves! Good luck with the new job.

  2. Hi thanks for stopping by my blog and good luck for the new job too!

  3. Your blog is really cute, I have been reading it for a while.
    Happy to hear you got the job :) best of luck for next week!

  4. Good luck at Lush! Mint chocolate chip . . . [one of] my favorite flavor[s].

  5. hi!

    your style is really cool and also your blog, great fashion informations you got here :)

    thanks for passing at mine, let´s be in touch,
    see you,

  6. Thanks you guys!

    kitschpink: I'm glad you finally commented! I took a look at your blog and while I have no idea what you're saying (laughs) but I like the pictures. And I love the music you have on your blog. It's very mellow.

  7. i'm glad you linked your old post to this one, those boots are fantastic, I think.

  8. hi! we would love to have you write.

    just send an article idea to by july 1st. someone will assess it and get back to you asap!

    stay cool

  9. You're working at Lush? I love that store! I haven't been to the one in Atlanta yet, but I'll try to stop by.

    Mint chocolate chip ice cream is the best!

  10. Thank you for the sweet comment, bb! Those tops are at the Gap, (ON SALE!) Do it!

  11. I've linked you! do you attend Spelman? Congrats on the job.


  12. hey i really love the blog!! Keep up the good work, congrats on the job


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