Thursday, June 12, 2008

Errands and Why Skinnies May Be a No No


In The Bag

Oy, so tired. Ran to the post office today to ship stuff overseas. It was hot, which is okay I guess except that I wore my diy skinnies. Interestingly enough my jeans were hotter than my boots. My boots treated me just fine, so I was pleased.

Today was a bit eventful in that the puppy managed to escape from the yard. We had a sort of ministorm the other day so part of the fence got knocked down. But how she managed to wedge herself in between our fence and the neighbor's I'll never know. She looked like a fugitive looking through prison bars. The photographer (who'll be known as the boyf or boif (the latter looks like it might be a word) for convenience) had to go through an obstacle course to get to her and carried her back home. It was very cute: her tail a-wag and him all battlescarred.

Also, I've been bad about my links list. As some of you may see, I updated it so it looks all swanky and says when you've updated your blog. As in, the more recently you've updated it, the higher it is on the list and it says days, hours, weeks, or months. If you want to trade links let me know.


  1. i love those boots. I would love to trade links!!

  2. this is so cute! i love the boots, your also very pretty :)

    i would really love to trade links!


  3. oh i loves the neo-grunge look here

  4. Everyone who asked has been added so far. :)

    Thanks, Rich Hippie. I think it's all in the boots and loose shirt.

  5. i love that top of yours. so flowery, bright and perfect for summer!

  6. You look awesome. I like the setting, too.

  7. Like this outfit, your boots are LOVELY


  8. gilda + enc + fashion pics: thank you! overall I was pretty pleased with how my shirt and boots held up during the day.

  9. Love the boots. The whole outfit looks like fun. Where is your purse from? It is GORGEOUS! Lets trade links! Also how did you get your list to show when the person updated their blog! so cool!



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