Thursday, June 19, 2008


UO skinnies
Express tops

Today I went to Target to get some hair stuff. Nexxus Therappe(moisturizing shampoo), KerapHix and Humectress (protein and moisturizing conditioners respectively). My hair has been breaking off in the past couple of days so I'm doing some emergency work on it. Normally my hair doesn't behave like this so I'm a bit worried. I think the guy overprocessed my hair. It's the kinda thing that makes me want to buy a $7 dollar kit and do it myself.

These are the BDG skinnies that are new at UO. I like them. They're well fitting and very comfy. I rolled up the bottoms for extra chicness. This really wasn't a very thought out outfit. I just sorta grabbed what was lightest and closest. The boif approves though.
In this picture I'm standing on one of those vents where all the cool air blows up. It cooled me off immediately, despite giving me some ridiculous hair styles (I won't post those pictures (laughs).)


  1. My mom perm my hair from the time I was little until a couple of years ago. We had hectic schedules and couldn't find time to perm it so it started to break off. I've been doing my own perms since. Like you said, I only pay $6-ish and I can actually tell when its burning and stuff, so I never have it in too long.

    Anyway, I love your outfit especially your earrings!

  2. Hey Aziza, I can send to any address you want me to :) And the measurements: width 17" inches by 23" length

  3. chelsea rae: I've been thinking about perming my own hair but I'm so scared I'll mess it up. Do you have any tips?

    knight-cat: That's great news. I'll buy it from you then.

  4. Nice trousers.

    I'm sorry to hear about your hair. I hope it settles down.

  5. enc: luckily enough, it's behaving!


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