Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Socks Galore!

So I'm over on Sock Dreams trying to find some lovely socks. I love pairing white socks with black flats. There's something really elegant about that. Annnnyway, more for my sanity than yours, I'm compiling a list of socks that I'm considering. As you may notice, I'm shying away from tights. Not because I don't like tights but because sometimes halfway through the day I feel like taking off my tights and stashing them away but I can't remove tights in public.


Betsy Peekabo Shorties($12) / Cotton Tabis ($7) / Crochet Anklets ($5)

Cotton Lace anklets ($10) / Slouch Lace Anklets ($10) / Fishnets with Lace ruffle($5)


Industrial Net Stockings with Ruffle Top ($10) / Stay up Fishnet with Woven Satin ribbons ($9) / Lycra Thigh High ($18)


Betsey's Ballerina Girl ($12)

knee highs

Diamond Jester Trouser socks ($8) / Florence Trouser Socks ($8) / Bones Tube Socks ($14)

loose socks

Super Ms ($12) / Pippy's Extra Long ($18) / Super Longs ($40)

over the knee

Harajuku Toeless OTK ($16) / Harajuku Lace Ribbon ($18)

O pastels ($6) / Long Cuffable ($12) / O Chevrons ($10)

Whoo. That was a doozy. So what do you think? Which are your favorites and which can you live without? This is a severely simplified list from what I had before but it needs to be simplified more and set into Spring and Fall categories. Hmm. I wonder if I could get some of my friends to make these. Hintyhint. Do I hear a birthday gift?

Also I just realized that I really love sky blue and lilac. The last three socks came in both colors so it was hard to choose! Oh and as for the $40 socks. No, I'd never spend that much on them but they're really nice to look at.

So please tell me what you think.


  1. Oohhhh I love your picks. They're pretty and edgy and sexy AND elegant (separately, not all at once).

    Let's see. I'd go for the Betsy Peekaboo Shorties, the Cotton Lace Anklets, Slouch Lace Anklets, Stay up Fishnet with Woven Satin ribbons, Betsy's Ballerina Girl, and ALL the loose socks and over-the-knees.

    (Those bone socks make me giggle.)

  2. Ahh! You picked all my favorite ones. And yes, the bone socks make me giggle too, which is why I like them so much.

  3. ooo, so many wonderful choices.

    my choices would have to be; Betsy Peekabo Shorties, Slouch Lace Anklets , Fishnets with Lace ruffle, tay up Fishnet with Woven Satin ribbons, Betsey's Ballerina Girl, all the loose socks, & the two harajuku sockies.

    the little ballerina footies have to be one of the cutest things i've ever seen!

  4. I love all of the loose over-knee socks! The bone socks are fun too =]

  5. tova: I know! I feel like I'd have no real reason to wear the ballerina footies but I'm tempted to get them just because they're so adorable.

    She's Dressing Up: agreed. I'm thinking about getting the O Chevrons for this summer and for pre-fall/fall.

  6. It's hard to choose a favorite when they are all so cute!

  7. I love the Ballerina socks, Peekaboo socks and the entire last row of pastel tall socks. I want some now but I am not completely sure how I would style them.

  8. Pretty Girl: yeah me neither, I've only ever had like 2 pairs of socks at any given moment. I imagine that socks can be pretty versatile though.


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