Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dark Knight

So I went to see the Dark Knight on Sunday. The movie was sooo good. If you haven't seen it, you must! Heath didn't even seem like Heath. He seemed 100% the Joker. It makes me sad that he died but if there were ever a time for him to go out, this was exactly the time.




Also, how good are these pictures? The boif is getting better and better. I'm so proud of him. The last one was a bit of an accident, the flash went off but I'm really pleased. Being out in full sunlight helps too.

Jeans- 7 For All Mankind
Shirt- thrift
Sandals- UO
Jewelry- gifts, UO and thrift


  1. Have you ever noticed that when someone who loves you takes a photo of you, the love shines through, and you look great?

    You look great.

  2. A Miamian? YES!! :) It's great to meet you, then.

    I love your jeans, wasn't the Dark Knight amazinggggg!?!? ^-^

    By the way, yes I do talk really really fast. lol.

  3. I loved darked knight too.
    I love your black shirt, very cute.
    OH! And the blog title is diffrent, I like it.

    Thanks for comment, come back soon.

  4. You look great. The top drapes very nicely on you.

  5. ah you look cute{ and yeh i love the leggings{ i must have them!

  6. love the jeans, your whole outfit looks great. :)

  7. ur look gorg' and can we talk about your skin!!?

    And just wanted you to know...the sandals you're wearing, i bought them. haven't worn them outdoors yet, but i did wear them around my bedroom one night. posted the pics on my blog last week.

  8. chubbs: Thank you! I think it comes from working at Lush and using their products. My skin is a lot better than it used to be.

    fashion chalet: I don't talk nearly as fast as my Cuban friends but I can talk pretty fast when I want to. It's good to know there's another Miamian with a fashion blog!

    jay: well autumn is coming so it's about time to grab them!

    enc + skippy + nay'chelle + thatgirl!: thank you :)

  9. I loved the Dark Knight too! Who didn't? It was really great.

    You're on my blog roll, could you add me too when you have the time?


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