Friday, August 22, 2008

In Search of Flats

The boif and I ran out yesterday to get some flats. I know I know. I said I hated them but I need a new pair for the job. My first pair has a hole in them and don't hold their shape right from all the rain and running around. Basically they're behaving more like flip flops than anything else. This is a bad thing.


^^How I felt when we came home empty handed.

Mother's dress
UO sandals
assorted jewelry

There were some I saw at Dillard's that I wish I'd bought. I may go back for them in a few days if I don't see anything I like in Macy's.
Also: my socks are AMAZING. Pictures later.


  1. Nice dress! I hope the job is going well.

  2. I wish I had your talent at NOT finding flats. I have this disease which grants me the desire to possess at least three pairs every time I go shoe shopping.
    Good luck on future hunts though!

  3. Nice sandals! It's really hard searching for flats.

  4. Hadley: I wish I were you! Then I wouldn't have this problem.

    KD: yeah, the job is being pretty awesome actually, thanks.

    nay'chelle: agreed!


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