Saturday, August 30, 2008

Waking Up



FP Dress
UO skinnies

So now everyone knows how I sleep. I have a tendency to lay in really odd positions or super curled up and it takes me foreeeever to actually get up. Usually awakeness is best negotiated by a series of sitting positions. Up on my arms, then on my heels, then finally on my butt. Also, somehow my black clothing is no longer black. I think it's from working at Lush. Everything is a permanent shade of dark grey. This is not going to work. I might have to wear all white to work now.
(Quick note: the doll that I'm holding I've had since I was 4, that was 16 years ago! And she's still as sweet and precious to me as when I first got her.)


  1. I'll assume your boyfriend took these photos, because they were done with loving eyes. You're beautiful in the morning.

  2. love your jeans.

    i used to sleep weirdly as well.
    but now i MUST sleep in exactly the same position.


    and i think i love your blog.

    and you are much too kind, i don't think i'm mysterious at all. it's nice to be multi-faceted, for sure.

  4. enc: thank you. He's a lot better about taking the pictures than he used to be. (laughs)

    dapper kid + sydney doll: thank you so much

    richel: aww thank you. I meant it too though. Also, I'm getting in a shipment of dresses and stuff from FP.

  5. I sleep the same way! My favorite though is curled in a ball on my side with the blankets all twisted around my legs. Haha. And I definitely agree about navigating Yes Style! When I first was looking through their stuff I was looking at the top for a filter to narrow down by sizes or color. And sometimes shirts are in the pants section!

  6. Gorgeous outfit. I love, love, love that dress.

  7. Woe, you are so beautiful :) & the print on the dress is fantastic!

  8. I've been visiting your blog for a few months and I must respectfully say you are absolutely gorgeous. Natural beauty. Do you model? If it is something you aspire to do - you should. You seem very natural and comfortable in front of the camera.

  9. katlin: See, I keep telling people I'm not the only one who sleeps crazy.

    jazzbrew: aw, thank you. I don't model. I don't think I could anyway. I'm far too short.

  10. omg, did anyone tell you that you look like Rihanna?? like...seriously... ( its a compliment!)

    love the outfit, love the blog



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