Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Parisian Party


Free People shirt
UO skinnies
Steve Madden flats

At Lush we regularly have parties where if you spend the right amount of money there are awesome goodie bags. And there's music and food and good conversation. On Saturday we had our Parisian themed party, so I wore all black with flats and a jaunty scarf (that I'm not wearing in the picture.) These pictures were taken in the same place as these so I'm thinking the camera needs to get better or there needs to be more lighting.


  1. Hi there-you look so chic in black!!

  2. You look great in black, I agree^^.

    It might not hurt to get some more lighting for your photos, so we can see the details.

  3. I love this lighting...seems like it's a quiet evening spent relaxing on the couch. not bad. And of course, ur hair is rockin!


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