Saturday, August 9, 2008

Post Work

Post work
Thrifted skirt
Urban Outfitters knit shirt
Steve Madden flats
Gifted and thrifted jewelry

I wore this this to work the other day. I realize I look just a bit old fashion in the picture, what with the skirt and the hair. I assure you I didn't as much, especially because of how thin the shirt is. It's really super thin and I can only wear it with things that cover up the rest of my flesh so I don't look like a ho. But I think in this case it gives it some much needed sex appeal.


  1. You look lovely. I wish I looked that together after work!

  2. I like this flowing skirt on you. Plus, you do a simple white v-neck very well.

  3. I think the length of the skirt looks good on you!

  4. the looks beautifule on you, the way your elegantly positioned on the couch and everything

  5. lovely outfit, look good on u and well put together after :)

  6. Thank you, guys :)

    sugar pop: I was actually pretty worried that the skirt would be too long. I usually do much shorter skirts than that.

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  8. you look so pretty and elegant in this picture.


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