Thursday, August 28, 2008

The petticoat



UO t-shirt
In the Starlight petticoat
Sock Dreams socks
Justin Roper boots

So I my petticoat finally arrived in the mail with was exciting but I didn't know how I wanted to wear it. The outfit above is my first try at unLolita-fying it, which is why I wore the boots. Unbeknownst to me, the boots just intensified the look. So I'm not exactly sure what to do to make it less obviously petticoat and more poofy skirt. Maybe it needs to be shorter. It kinda reminds me of a long version of the Miu Miu shirt thingies. It also reminds me of Death of the Endless from the Sandman comics. I don't know. I'm a nerd.


  1. personally, i find the outfit to be adorable

  2. i love it! i see zero problems with this outfit!

  3. Just keep messing with it until you like it.

    This is great, by the way. I really like the boots with it.

  4. Love the outfit, your shoes are fabulous!

  5. Hi there-I think both styles are lovely, the boots really work with it!

  6. Thanks. I was definitely feeling really uncertain until I read your lovely comments. I am gonna keep messing with it for sure. And I've added you Nature.

  7. I love it as is but you could always hem it to be shorter, and it might look more poufy.

    Love your blog, Do you wanna link?


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