Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm back! (picture heavy)

Hey guys, sorry for being away for so long. I got back from Aus late Sunday night and have been so jetlagged for the past couple of days. Hopefully that'll sort itself out. I know I said that I would post pictures while I was there but I was so busy actually doing stuff I didn't stop to think about pictures.

So instead I'm posting pictures that my friend took from when I was visiting him in Brisbane last year for a month. You guys already know what I look like and have a gist of what I wear so the pictures are be of Brisbane itself and Pittsworth (the country.)



The above are from around the river. Every year around August they have a river festival called RiverFire. The fireworks are amazing and it's always really crowded. I haven't been before but I get sent videos of it. Anyway, as you can see, the river is smack dab in the middle of the city. I think that's one of the great things of Brisbane, the city sort of forms itself around the land as opposed to shaping the land for it's purposes. So people ride the ferry regularly into downtown and the roads are extremely curvy and hilly (think San Francisco kind of and the zigzag street.)




These pictures were taken at Pittsworth. Pittsworth is more inland than Brisbane, a few hours away. It's pure country, just lots and lots of farm land and dirt roads. These pictures were ones he took out on his parents' farm. The very first picture was taken at night (it was actually pitch black and cold outside) but he put it on a setting so that it would capture as much light as possible. I should also mention that he doesn't Photoshop any of his pictures. They come off his camera looking the way they do. He just has a great eye for light and exploits the features of his camera.



These are from when we went to the beach and when we went mountain climbing. To get to the beach we had to travel for hours (car + boat) and walk up steep paths to get to the sandy part of it. Swimming in that water so amazing. It was just so clear and so beautiful (as you can see.) We also encountered some random wallabies. They were so cute that I wanted to stop and coo at them but everyone else veered off the path and dragged me away, talking about how dangerous they are. I just can't see it. They look like really big cute bunnies to me. The last picture is, of course, the mountain climbing, which nearly killed me. I'm not good at walking uphill but at least it was a beautiful walk. The mountains were covered in really lush rainforest that just swallows you up.

So those are the pictures. I hope you liked them! Any compliments I'll pass on to him!


  1. WOW YOU TAKE AMAZING PHOTOS! I love the one wit the sunset, the night lights, the stars!! Wow, they are breathtakingly beautiful..seriously.

  2. Those pictures are BEAUTIFUL. Really awe-inspiring :)

  3. These photos are superb. Your friend is a great photographer with a brilliant camera.

    I've never seen Australia from the eye of anyone but a National Geographic staffer, so this was a special treat.

    Thanks for posting all these.

  4. What type of camera do you or your friend have? These photos are amazing.

  5. Welcome back! The pictures are gorgeous. Hope you had a great trip. Thanks for sharing.

  6. holy gorgeousness!

    i cannot believe how absolutely gorgeous those scenes are! wish I was there!

  7. yiqin; I wish I took them! They're my friends. I'll pass it along to him.

    enc: yeah it's different seeing it from the view point of someone who lives there. I wish I'd taken more pictures of buildings but for the most part it doesn't look very much different from the UK.

    chic noir: a digital slr. A canon.

  8. BEAUTIFUL! Your photos are AMAZING! These are so cool to look at!


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