Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Burn After Reading


Top from Nordstrom
Skirt from Dadeland mall in Miami 5 years ago

Sorry for the goofy pictures. The man kept making me laugh and I was in a good mood after seeing Burn After Reading. That movie was so funny and so random and at the end you're left with a pleasant sense of, "what the fuck?"

The day was also good because after work, while waiting for the man to show up I went over to Madewell to do a little shopping and an ex-Lushie friend was there. Well, she manages the store so of course she'd be there. But I digress. I went to try on a pair of sexy cordoroy skinnies (they looked soo good on me, if only they came in an electric blue too!) and before I knew it she, and all the other sales associates put clothes in my room for me to try on. It was almost like I had a stylist and by the end I felt like a little doll. I have to go back to buy the black cord skinnies, dark denim skinnies and two dresses.

It was a good day.


  1. Ooh cord skinnies! Yes, I think these will be the next skinny jeans. I hope so anyway, I'm getting a bit bored of my jeans...

  2. sounds really fun! and i love those pictures- you look so natural and happy.

  3. Good for you.

    I've ordered some narrow cords I plan to tailor into skinnies. Maybe we can form a club.

  4. I'll be the old one in the club. ;)

  5. Ohhhhhhh you look sooooo cute.
    What a lovely smile ;)

    Cord skinnies sounds great. I like them very much, just aren't good for my bodyshape :(

    But you would look great in them!!


  6. I love love love the cord skinnies. I really want velvet skinnies though. Or a velvet dress.

    enc: it'd be great to be in a cord skinnies club with you. :)

  7. I got a little green bag like your coach bag today at Salvation Army. . . it's not coach and it's not the same size but the make is similar. .. perhaps I'll copy your ribbon style and take some pics!


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