Friday, October 3, 2008





UO shirt
thrifted black skirt
Gap jean skirt
FP slip
Wet Seal earrings

So I decided this time to include details of the things I wear. I really like to pay attention to texture and I know a lot of times it doesn't come off in pictures. Plus, I have really awesome earrings that no one gets to see in the pictures. Hopefully in the future I can do a detail and an earring capture in one picture.

These pictures were taken by a friend of mine who dropped by to visit between his classes. At first he didn't want to take them because he says he's awful at pictures but I told him my new (!) camera's awesomeness is more potent than his pictorial disability. I think he did alright.

Anyway, these pictures are a prime example of how I take school wear into work wear. I just switch out whatever is not black or white for something that is.


  1. Loving the white lace collar.
    You look great, but why switch to black or white?
    Think colourful dear.


  2. Thanks :)

    the seeker: it's a requirement for my job to wear black and white. Otherwise I'd be more colorful.

  3. I've just tagged you too! (same as etoilee8...she beat me too it.)

  4. Pretty good blog you have here, you have that young Aaliyah look going on within your eyes, eyebrows, face, and smile.

    Keep doing YOU.

  5. you should smile more, its a nice smile

  6. Bess: thank yous!

    etoile88 and chubbs: My next post will have my quirks!

    don: (laughs!) Thank you! I remember back when she was alive I got that a lot. I was really sad when she died.

    anonymous: thank you, I often feel like I have a silly smile.

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