Monday, September 22, 2008

Late Night Post





top is h&M
skinnies are UO
shoes are converse

Atlanta's weather is really annoying me. In the mornings it's always really cool, so much so that I have to add a sweater and a scarf on the walk to school but by the time I get out of class (2pm at the latest) it's hot as hell and the skinnies that were weather appropriate aren't any more. I also keep buying sweaters and knits and stuff like that and I want to wear them so bad but I can't. (sighs) When's summer over? I'm sick of it.

This is actually a work outfit. My school outfits are genereally more colorful. I was wearing blue jeans to class earlier today and a bright yellow sweater. I think I'm trying to counteract all the black I have to wear at work and to deal with work stresses. You know work is stressful when a customer threatens you based on the color of your skin.

Anyway, I think I'm gonna grow my hair out natural. Just let it grow long and curly and spirally and free. I think. Maybe.


  1. I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT! and i love your skateboard! you are one of the first fashion blogs i have ever visited since i started blogging(which was like, june). And ive been tuning in almost daily! would you mind dropping by site?

  2. Your hair would look great long and natural, I bet.

    I hear you about summer; I wish we'd have a change of seasons here.

  3. Your so beautiful and I love your hair!
    It would look great long and natural!

  4. i love the effortless ease you give off in all your pictures.

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  6. i'm growing my hair back natural as I say "go for it." It's less maintenance, and so much more beautiful, if you ask me.

  7. I've been eyeing that top every time I go into H&M. Looks great! & what an adorable doggy.

  8. Love your hair and that H&M top on you!

  9. Thank you everyone for being so warm and sweet :)

    ina: yeah I'll drop by! Sorry I haven't yet, been so busy!

    fashion fille: you think so? I always think I look stiff because I have to sit so still for the picture to be taken.

    chubbs: yeah I totally agree with you.

    yulanda: you should get it!


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