Saturday, September 13, 2008




thrifted necklace and belt
Wet Seal tank
BdG skinnies

Sometimes I feel so ungirly that I have to pull out tanks, jeans and sneakers. Those are also the days I happen to exude sexuality. Go figure.

I love my hair. It's so wild and crazy when it wants to be but with the right care it can be calm and docile too. It's kind of like a pet lion. Anyway, I pulled the top part of my hair back so that it was calmer, sort of a half-up half-down look.

I'm planning on hennaing my hair tomorrow with the Caca Rouge from Lush. I think it'll make my hair look richer. Also, my hair is getting longer. I'm about an inch from my October goal (armpit length)! Squeee!


  1. mm, good point (: perhaps its the horrible weather that makes me so uncreative that i immediately just revert to all black things =D

    i really like this outfit, its simple & classic, but with that edgy necklace it looks lovely.

  2. You have an incredible profile.

  3. Love the outfit - especially the necklace! Great find!

  4. yay for hair growth. Whats your ultimate goal?

  5. yay for hair growth. Whats your ultimate goal?

  6. Thanks you guys. I'm so pleased about the necklace too. There are better pictures of it on the earlier post.

    thatgirl!: Bra strap I think. I want enough hair to cover my breasts. But then I see people with waist length hair and I kinda fall in love. I don't know. Once I hit arm pit lenth, I'm really not that far from bra strap. And I'll see then.

  7. I really like the necklace. Is it chain-linked at the top? hmm great find.

  8. liswon: yeah, all the little minor chains are lined to the one big one around my neck.

    nature graffiti: I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  9. wow i love your necklaces !! so fab

  10. love your blog!
    This is outfit...simplicity at its best!
    Def digging your necklace

  11. And love your hair, trying to go natural and just grow it out healthily..

  12. Your hair is amazing!!! I love that unkempt, free look!!

  13. Katlin: me too!

    Lady D: Thank you but I'm not growing my hair out natural. My hair is too coarse and curly for me to deal with at this point. I think I might later.

  14. I love your hair!!!! & the necklaces you are wearing are awesome! :)


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